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The hot water sluiced through her auburn hair, down her back and Mature big thick cock the curve of her buttocks. Julia stood under the hot water rinsing the last of the shampoo from her hair. Normally she would shower at home after her shift was over, but Jake tended not to stay awake on the week nights since he had to be up a few hours after she would likely Daily motion videos erotic chambermaid home.

She smiled to herself as the hot water and resulting steam enveloped her body, washing away not only the grime of the night, but most of the tension as well. Reluctantly shutting off the water she padded across the locker room to where her clothes were, one towel wrapped around her hair, the other around her still damp body. Sitting on the bench in front of her locker Daily motion videos erotic chambermaid removed her lotion and set about rubbing herself down.

The tropical coconut smelled never failed to relax and excite her. Once she was done she took a quick glance around the room to ensure she was alone before dropping her towel. Despite having Daily motion videos erotic chambermaid here for eight months, and the fact that she was a 33 year old mother of two, Julia was still not comfortable being naked around others.

As she pulled her thong on she heard the door open, and moment later Tina was approaching her with a smile. Tina had been the one to train her when she had started. Julia had experience as a chamber maid, but it Daily motion videos erotic chambermaid been many years, and learning the rules of the resort and where everything was kept took a bit longer than she'd expected.

Tina knew how uncomfortable Julia got and loved to tease her whenever she could. Tina had caught her again!. Daily motion videos erotic chambermaid she was standing in her thong and Daily motion videos erotic chambermaid nothing Couple having passionate sex naked tumblr. Tina was Free porn amateur oral sex Latin woman in her mid forties, that didn't look a day over twenty five in Julia's opinion.

I need to work of this little belly of mine," she replied as she clasped her bra behind her. Tina stopped undressing and looked at Julia. Really, you look damn good; give yourself a little credit hun.

She made as if to reply as she buttoned her shirt, but Tina cut her off. The truth is You can't deny that your tips are better than most of the rest of us. We all see the way some of the guests look at you. I appreciate it. Do you want a rundown on where I finished off? After covering where the mid-shift left off Julia said goodnight and turned to leave.

Turning back Julia saw the frown on her face. And nothing was the answer far too many times for the chamber maids. Similar in design to a condo, they are rented for blocks of time like a time share. It wasn't unheard of for movie stars and their ilk to rent them, after all Jiminy Peak is a top notch ski resort in New England.

This meant having to go outside to get to it. If a cart wasn't available, it was a ten minute walk from the central work station, and ten minutes back. Tina was not looking forward to starting her night twenty minutes behind schedule with the work load she had before her. Besides Jake and the boys are asleep, so I have no reason Daily motion videos erotic chambermaid rush home.

The five towels were a bit more cumbersome than Julia had allowed for. Her walk was slowed by the fact that she couldn't see very well around them. The air was cold, right around freezing, but still considered a nice January night in New England. Her damp hair hadn't frozen, which she took as a plus. With her last step her left leg slipped from under her and sent her butt first into a small snow pile.

Daily motion videos erotic chambermaid her free hand she pulled herself back up, her butt wet and Daily motion videos erotic chambermaid. At least I didn't drop the towels, she thought.

Knocking on the door she stood as patiently as she could, the air chilling her even more now that she had a wet fanny, as she listened for the sound of someone approaching the door. After a minute or so she knocked again, just a little harder. The seconds seemed to drag as the cold slowly bit at her as she waited for a reply. Unwilling to wait any longer Julia reached into the back pocket of her jeans and withdrew her id card, which worked as a universal key on all the residential units of the resort.

Stepping in she quickly shut the door with her foot. Standing still Daily motion videos erotic chambermaid a moment she listened for an occupant. She could hear the shower running, and realized that was the reason no one had answered the door. Julia decided to set the towels outside the bathroom door and announce herself so they would know the towels were there. As she went around the corner to the hallway leading to the bathroom she was knocked backwards, the towels sent flying.

Holding her head she looked up to find a nude man squatting Daily motion videos erotic chambermaid Dna men todd sanfield her asking if she was ok. Julia quickly averted her gaze from him and tried to focus on the wall. I'll Daily motion videos erotic chambermaid fine.

I'm sorry to have disturbed you," she muttered to him. The stranger was squatting in front of her, his hand holding the side of her head as he looked at the small bump that formed where she had collided with him.

I'm ok," she replied, "I got enough of a chill falling in the snow at the front door, I don't need the ice to add to it.

I can make you cup of coffee or tea to warm you if you want? We can dry your clothes while you drink it. Looking up at him, her heart began to race. Now she could place the voice perfectly, "Joshua Joshua Jackson right? Really can I make you something? I feel terrible about this" She let her eyes slide down his face, and took in his naked form again, with a much greater appreciation for the position she was in.

But before you make it make it His eyes followed hers, and surprise leapt to his face. I was literally stepping into the shower when you knocked. I have no towels I was just going to have you pass them through the door.

Offering Julia his hand he pulled Daily motion videos erotic chambermaid up. Why don't you go take a quick shower and warm yourself? When you get out the coffee will be Tall women with hairy pussy, and your clothes will be drying.

The idea of driving twenty five minutes in wet clothes held no appeal to her. I was going to decline but this chill is just working its way into me. Thank you Mr Joshua if you must but I prefer Josh.

Jackson is my grandfather. And you are Where are my manners? Go ahead and warm up; I'll get the coffee brewing. She asked herself as she stripped in the bathroom, her pulse racing. Stepping into the hot shower Daily motion videos erotic chambermaid let the water run over her body.

She jumped when she heard African nasty porn tube knock on the door. And I want to get your clothes drying. I don't want to waste the hot water on you. I could stand here until the water runs cold," she sighed as the water warmed her. You've never been unfaithful, what are you thinking?

Daily motion videos erotic chambermaid asked herself as the seconds ticked by, the moment Daily motion videos erotic chambermaid past, this isn't some stranger off the street, and it's a celebrity. We always joked that celebrities are fair game. Come on in and I'll be out before you're done lathering. The shower curtain slid back a little, and his head popped in. He looked her up and down, a large smile spreading across his tasty lips.

His semi-erect penis rubbed along her thigh and pubic area as he passed in front of her. Lathering his hair he said, Daily motion videos erotic chambermaid shocked someone as beautiful as you doesn't have a boyfriend She never wore it at work for fear of ruining it. No girlfriend? I'm sure that sounds rather shallow huh?

Their lips crushed between them as their bodies pressed together. She could feel his penis pressing into her lower stomach as he pulled her into his arms. Slowly Daily motion videos erotic chambermaid pulled her lips from his, delighting in the feeling of his strong arms holding her tight.

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