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Number 3 beard — yes. Sunglasses — yes. Recovering hairy chest and torso — yes. Pink nipples — yes. Treasure trails — yes. Undo, undo! Read more. We have a generous underwear Captain america chris evans shirtless scene that spans to the skinny dipping scene to teasing love scene to the morning after scene with bonus towel AND guitar playing scene to show off some details on those furry pecs.

Too much? These things are pretty much mandatory in a film when dealing with a hunk like Chris Evans. That Captain America body needs to be exploited in every way possible.

After months of hunk searching story of my lifethey have finally confirmed that Chris Evans is Captain America. Okay, I just need an excuse to post his shirtless picture above. Just look at him! My heart melts every single time. Scott Evans and Chris Evans. In a room.

He is undeniably gorgeous. Is Chris Evans the new Mateo? Does he need to get shirtless that often? How delicious are those pinky nips? Does all these questions even necessary? These are from the movie Celullar, which I believe Chris Evans debuted his ultra sexy hairy body Nude piics of jlo the beginning of the movie.

Even when his Nokia mobile phone is really outdated, it has never looked that sexy in his hands. Chris Evans has since took his shirts off in almost every major movie he made, the latest being The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Technically his shirtless bit in there are SO not helping the plot but yet, the skin showcase is absolutely VERY crucial to us!

Pink Nipple himself, the ever hunky Chris Evans. Sorry kids but I just HAD to put these delicious pictures up despite the possibility that some of you had seen them for like ten thousand times already. Who cares right? It is not right. Anyways, between you and me — these images will be the major attraction in my wet dreams tonight. So after a devastating and absolutely heartbreaking day yesterday, I have finally gathered myself and gained enough strength to resume our regular drooling sessions.

Things I do for humanity! They totally have different appeal and for some reasons I prefer to cuddle with this one more than the other. All visual content featured on this website are copyrighted to their respective rightful owners. No infringement intended.

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