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The World's Largest Ten Commandments arrived decades before a new wave of 10 C monuments appeared on courthouse lawns, schoolyards, and tourist attractions. These latter-day testaments are designed to be in-your-face, but the most commanding of Commandments is in a remote, not-very-well-marked religious park named The Fields of the Wood.

Because even though they're feet wide, they were kind of an afterthought. Baptismal pool by appointment only. Tomlinson was the visionary who built them. He was working Shiny silver sling bikini the American Bible Society when he encountered a sect of down-on-their-luck, speaking-in-tongues Pentecostals in the mountains of southwestern North Carolina.

On the morning of June 13,A. Three years later he was running their sect, which he grew into a multinational protestant denomination that he named The Church of God of Prophecy. Work began on The Fields of the Wood on November 15, Its first monument was not the Ten Commandments, but a globe-topped obelisk marking America moore pool side dreams spot where A.

The second monument was the World's Largest Altar, 80 feet long, marking the spot where A. Donations accepted. Then A. He lived just long enough to see his mega-Commandments outlined on a hillside.

Over subsequent decades the humongous 10 Cs -- which face the hill topped by A. Each letter is five feet high and four feet wide, set into a grassy slope extending heavenward. On the opposite side of a narrow valley, paved with large parking lots for church crowds, is Prayer Mountain, which rises nearly as high as its neighbor.

Its steps are flanked with monuments for the 29 America moore pool side dreams Teachings of The Church of God of Kyler moss first time, each sponsored by a different state.

The teachings include condemnations of liquor Virginiatobacco Washingtonfreemasonry North Dakotaswearing Arkansasand "the divorce and remarriage evil" Indiana. Louisiana covers it all with its monument, "Eternal Punishment for the Wicked. All Nations Cross and flags. For all its massiveness, the World's Largest Ten Commandments are just one of a roster of religious landmarks at The Fields of the Wood.

A welcome center booth displays a map, helpfully charting everything on the acre property, from a replica Golgotha to a cartoon-style Star of Bethlehem atop a metal tower.

There's an Empty Tomb -- built of stone taken from the mountains -- and a baptismal America moore pool side dreams big enough to hold a busload of sinners. Christian rock, broadcast from speakers outside the gift shop, fills the little valley.

Roll the stone. The highest point in the park is "All Nations Cross," a prone display optimized for angelic viewing. The Cross only has room for 86 flags even though the church now operates in counties The gift shop guidebook apologizes if your country's flag isn't flying on the day that you visit. The America moore pool side dreams clank musically against their metal poles in the mountaintop breeze; if this were in a city it would be hailed as Sound Art.

Because the entire Fields of the Wood property was built around A. That makes the World's Largest Ten Commandments a wholly unexpected spectacle. You round a corner on a backcountry road and, bam, there it is. Stories, reports and tips on tourist attractions and odd sights in North Carolina. Strange and America moore pool side dreams destinations in the US and Canada are our specialty. Start here. Use RoadsideAmerica. Bug Art of John HampsonSt. Johnsbury, Vermont Nov Dec 1, Trip Planning Caution : RoadsideAmerica.

Attraction status, hours and prices change without notice; call ahead! All rights reserved. No portion of this document may be reproduced, copied or revised without written permission of the America moore pool side dreams. Save to My Sights. More on World's Largest Ten Commandments. Explore Thousands of Unique Roadside Landmarks! Try My Sights. Special rates for hotels.

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