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My name is Simon, I am 32 and I have been married to Joanne for nearly 3 years. Joanne is 26 and works part-time for a small company near where we live. She works with 3 men who are all in their early 50s — old enough to be her dad — but seems to enjoy it.

I have met them all and Secretary office sex parties all seem to poke a bit of fun at Secretary office sex parties which she takes in good humour and tries to give as good as she gets. I know when I have worked in a mixed environment, although there has never been any sexual harassment, the guys quite like embarrassing the ladies with sexual innuendo and often look them up and down and make comments amongst themselves.

I imagined Joanne's workmates would often look her up and down and comment on her lovely body. She is 5'4 with shoulder length brown hair, a shapely figure with a fantastic pair of 38d tits and a pretty face that makes her look younger than she is.

I am about 5'9 and reckoned her workmates Martin and Brian were about the same or probably slightly taller, and Barry was about 5'7. The Friday before Christmas I'd been to the pub at lunchtime and then left to go and pick Joanne up.

Joanne was also having a lunchtime drink and food with her 3 Secretary office sex parties. I parked outside and walked round the back as the Secretary office sex parties door was locked.

Going into the back I got tangled in the noisy chimes hanging from the door, and hearing laughter Secretary office sex parties then walked down the short corridor and into the room where they all were.

There were cans and wine bottles on one of the tables and by the looks of them they were all having a merry time. They all acknowledged me and asked if I'd got stuck in the 'burglar trap' and then Joanne said "look what they've bought me," as she pointed a large box with what looked like some sort of vanity unit inside. She always looked smart for work but because it was the last working day before Christmas she had made a special effort and had put on a short-sleeved red blouse that was fairly low cut as well as being mostly see-through and you could see her red lacy bra underneath.

She had a smart black and red patterned skirt that came to just below her knees, and red ankle-strap shoes with a small heel. I also knew she was wearing a black half-slip underskirt and red lacy briefs.

She had also put a bit of extra makeup on that Secretary office sex parties. I had a drink with them as they continued chatting and laughing all seemingly with their eyes transfixed on Joanne. I began to think that wearing a see through top wasn't such a good idea after all. Although they would have been used to seeing the great shape of her tits, and had probably caught the occasional glance of her cleavage now and then, this was almost a clear view of her upper body and even I was enjoying the view even though I had seen her naked almost every day.

I sensed the guys would stay there all day if they could so as I finished my drink said "shall we make a move? Some time later I remembered I'd already drawn some money out the day before and left it at home so I started back, entering the building and negotiating the chimes without making a sound I then began to slow down as I approached the door to the room which was slightly ajar.

I heard the guys saying "come on, it is christmas," and "ohhh, come on," and "get into the Christmas spirit," as Joanne was laughing. I moved a little closer and peeped in. I saw empty and half full glasses on the drinks table and then saw them stood nearer to a clear table, none of them had a drink in their hand anymore.

So that was it, they were trying to get Joanne to give them a kiss before she left. I couldn't see Joanne's face but imagined Secretary office sex parties smiling and blushing as she pondered what to do, while the guys were eagerly waiting for a reaction. Martin smiled firstly at Joanne and then at the other 2 as he put his hands on my wife's waist and then round her back as he pulled her closer to him.

Secretary office sex parties kissed him and then stopped, as you would when kissing a friend or relative. Joanne laughed and Barry added "come on Joanne don't be a scrooge. Joanne's hands were on his shoulders again as Martin's hand roamed her back, obviously feeling her lovely tits against his chest too. The kiss seemed to go on for ages and Joanne began moving as though trying to break away, with Martin moving his head to keep his lips on hers.

Eventually Joanne broke free and Martin loudly exclaimed "phworr," as Barry and then Brian took their turn, each copying Martin as they pulled Joanne towards them so that they could feel her tits against their chests while their hands roamed her back and kissed her deeply. The sight of 3 men, each old enough to be Joanne's dad, all enjoying a moment of passion with my wife was beginning to have an effect on me as I Corinne touzet fakes- new porn my cock beginning to stiffen.

They all seemed content and there was an awkward silence as Martin then said "well, we've given you a Christmas kiss, how about you giving us one. Martin closed in on Joanne and she appeared to begrudgingly put her hands back on his shoulders, but certainly didn't strongly object. They were sideways on to me again, with Barry behind Joanne, and Brian at the far side, all oblivious to me peeping Secretary office sex parties the tiny gap into the room.

Martin took Joanne into a long kiss again, and again made sure he felt her tits crush against his chest, the other 2 smiling appreciatively awaiting their turn. Martin moved his left hand to Joanne's side, his thumb pointing Secretary office sex parties as he slowly moved his hand up to the Secretary office sex parties of her right breast. This is getting close I thought to myself, then my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he brought his thumb down across the front of her breast, then moved it from top to bottom a few more times.

Joanne gasped and although I expect she tried to pull away, Martin had kept a tight grip on her with his right arm and was now pushing his Porno de dragon ball bulma into my wife's throat.

My wife's hands were now holding the back of Martin's head, shocking me as it was obvious that she was not objecting to what was happening and it was clear that they were both tonguing each other as Martin was now Secretary office sex parties Joanne's full and gorgeous right breast.

They broke free from each other, with Martin loudly declaring "Wow, that was fantastic. Barry's elbows were moving as he was obviously feeling both Joanne's large young tits. Brian was eagerly waiting his turn and because Barry didn't have an arm around Joanne's back she broke free earlier than she had with Martin, which wasn't unexpected as Barry was the ugliest Secretary office sex parties the group.

Brian then moved into place and this time they were sideways on from Joanne's left. Brian smiled and said "Joanne," as he took her in his arms and gave her a long kiss, Secretary office sex parties pulling her into his chest and then moving his right hand to her left breast.

Unlike Martin who had slowly tested the water, Brian began immediately groping my wife's left tit. The other 2 were taking a keen interest and Martin began stroking Joanne's back and seemed to be lifting her blouse slightly from behind.

Barry began stroking Joanne's thigh through her skirt and eventually Brian and Joanne stopped kissing. Brian moved slightly to the side, unaware that the other 2 had started giving Joanne some more attention. Barry moved back in front of Joanne and appeared to be massaging Asian model xxx girl hips, while Martin had slipped a hand underneath the back of her blouse and round to her right breast.

Joanne squealed as Martin began fondling her tit again, and Brian slipped his right hand down the front of Joanne's blouse and started to grope her left tit. Not for the first time I readied myself to go to my wife's aid but then waited as she seemed to decide to go with the flow again. Barry was basically laughing and holding Joanne still while Martin and Brian unbuttoned Joanne's blouse with their free hand while their other hand fondled a tit each. Her blouse fell open as Joanne shrieked "my husband might come back any moment.

They were all laughing again, Joanne not Secretary office sex parties which way to turn and the three of them touching her up. I couldn't see what was making her do this as they all seemed to be writhing around.

And then I realised, one of them had undone her bra and no sooner had her bra cups moved upwards to expose her flesh then her bare tits were being fondled. My cock was rock hard as I saw my wife's tits being lifted, squeezed Secretary office sex parties moved in different directions, her pink stiff nipples occasionally poking out. She was gasping heavily and kept closing her eyes. I also suddenly Secretary office sex parties what Barry was doing as I saw the hemline of my wife's skirt slowly getting higher.

He had been stroking her hips and had then started to gently gather her skirt and slip upwards. I don't think Joanne realised what was happening and the other 2 seemed to notice at the same time as I did.

Suddenly extra hands were on her skirt and she yelled "aaargh," as her skirt and slip were lifted above her red knickers revealing the entirety of her smooth shapely legs. I could see her full tits wobbling as they all focussed on her midriff, her bra Secretary office sex parties above her tits and her blouse completely open.

Martin and Brian were to Secretary office sex parties side of her, Barry still in the middle and it seemed that all hands including Joanne's were between her legs. Martin moved in between the other two and I looked in shocked horror as they started to push Joanne backwards onto the table behind her. Comments from the guys were too numerous to mention but included "corr," and "oh yes," and "come on Joanne," and "beautiful. My chin then nearly dropped to the floor as I saw Martin pulling at my wife's red knickers.

Buckwild flavor of love naked the others holding her down and egging Martin on he successfully pulled Joanne's knickers off and then pulled her right leg to one side and stood between her legs. Secretary office sex parties was still squealing and kicking her legs as though she was riding an imaginary bicycle and then my chin dropped even further as I saw Martin lower his trousers and underpants and they dropped to his ankles.

Bloody hell, I couldn't believe it, he was intending to fuck my wife. I couldn't actually see Martin's cock Curvy fat pussy ladies from the movements he was making I guessed he was trying to get it into Joanne's lovely Julie ann gerhard devon michaels as he grabbed at her legs while the other two Creamy pussy dripping grool her Secretary office sex parties and fondled her tits.

Then sure enough Joanne let out a loud "ohhh," and Martin's buttocks began tensing and relaxing as he was obviously beginning to fuck my gorgeous sexy little wife. Joanne's legs had stopped cycling and she appeared to raise her knees slightly above the Secretary office sex parties of the desk as her lower legs rocked in time with Martin's thrusts, her tits shuddering on her chest while he held her hips.

The Secretary office sex parties two had relaxed their grip of Joanne's arms and tits and were leering at the sight Secretary office sex parties them and encouraging Martin with comments like "go on Martin," "give her Secretary office sex parties as Joanne kept loudly gasping "ohh. His thrusting paused as his buttocks clenched and then he delivered 5 deliberate thrusts into Joanne's cunt as he was Secretary office sex parties pumping his load into her.

He leant forward and kissed Joanne and said "that was fantastic," before withdrawing his cock from her and bending down to pick up his underpants and trousers. Barry had already got his cock out and moved to take Martin's place. The sound of him complimenting my wife's body parts and moving his hairy ass into position made me feel like dashing in and thumping him.

But Joanne didn't seem distressed as now Barry began humping my wife. Her legs waving furiously as he rapidly fucked her, and her tits bouncing wildly until very quickly he began to come to the aggressive sounds of "go on Barry, go on Barry.

Brian almost pulled him away, such Secretary office sex parties his eagerness to have his turn with Joanne, his clothes round his ankles and his big knob waving around in front of him. As Barry moved out of the way I could see Secretary office sex parties wife's legs wide apart and her glistening cunt lips sitting underneath her neat black bush, her cunt slightly open as it was about to take a third mature cock in quick succession.

Joanne began gasping as Brian's cock, obviously bigger than she had had before, began entering her. He started to fuck her slowly and I could hear Joanne gasping to Brian's every entry.

She occasionally makes that noise for me but not as often as this, as I assumed she was really enjoying Brian's large cock inside her. They were all looking down at Joanne as her moaning got louder. They started saying things like "go on Joanne," "go on sweetheart," "go on Joanne fuck him," "go for it Joanne you deserve it," and I couldn't blame her if this added to her excitement, Secretary office sex parties watched by three men as she climaxed. Martin and Barry helped Joanne up, as Brian put his tackle away.

She appeared unsteady on her feet as she slipped her knickers back on, her tits wobbling as she bent down. They were all making out to help her but were in fact only helping themselves to another feel of her tits or body. I decided that I ought to make an entrance and went back to the chimes and gave them a rattle before calling, "is anyone home. Joanne Secretary office sex parties. Hmm, there's quite a lot of liquid inside you I thought to myself.

Report Story. This was a Secretary office sex parties hot story that leaves much to the imagination.

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