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Although inspired by an actual pictorial the following story is fictional and not intended to depict any actual person or event. Only known by wealthy connoisseurs of erotica, situated at an unknown location, Roberta vasquez cum on picture secret vault is guarded by extreme security.

Here the video clips of the Great Playmate Pornstar Roberta vasquez cum on picture are stored. On these clips several Playmates compete to be crowned the Great Playmate Pornstar. They write the scenario of their favorite fantasy and then perform Milf in panties bending over female lead. No more cute soft core teasing but explicit hard core sex. No more frigid beauty queens with their legs closed, but passionate women with open orifices filled to satisfaction.

No sterile mouths with frozen smiles but warm soft lips moving over swollen members. The moving images, made in the past, are now digitalized for archival reasons. I used to perform in some of those clips as male performer. Now my job is to view each of these clips from start to end for quality reasons. The playmates of the Great Playmate Pornstar Hunt were true pioneers, performing some sex acts that would only become popular in the porn industry decades later.

These are their stories Roberta Vasquez Roberta Vasquez had already worked her way up to security officer in LA when she was discovered and selected to become the November Playmate of the Month. One year later her world collapsed when her boyfriend and high school sweetheart left her for a blonde Swedish Playmate.

Roberta was brokenhearted. She absolutely had no idea why her friend chose for some blonde bombshell. She always had accommodated him sexually. Only anal sex she avoided. Raised as a Spanish-American, that kind of sex she considered queer. Fortunately in this difficult period of her life Roberta received strong support from another blonde Playmate, Kimberly Conrad.

She also recommended a candidate for the male lead to assist Roberta in realizing the clip. Roberta shivered when she met Mike. He was quite a muscular hunk.

Unlike other men she met for a date, he openly let his eyes move over body, making stops at her breasts, her legs and her legs, ending at her crotch. Roberta suddenly had second thoughts about making an erotic video with him. On the other hand, now she had the chance to show she was not sexually inferior to some dumb blonde.

The swimming pool or the Roberta vasquez cum on picture Actually Roberta hadn't studied the scenarios at all. Roberta laid spread out on the bed, her head hanging over backwards. As in her pictorial, golden yellow lingerie was loosely draped around her middle and over her breasts. The cameras were focused on her lips Mike knelt in front of her dangling face and bent over. Roberta saw his mouth approaching. She closed her eyes when his lips touched hers.

He placed a finger on her Roberta vasquez cum on picture, slightly entering the wetness of her mouth, circling around her tongue. He waited patiently till she turned Roberta vasquez cum on picture face to him.

Then he kissed her Roberta vasquez cum on picture longer, and for the first Desi indian teen sex images she could taste his mouth He is seducing me Roberta didn't expect this and gasped in surprise. He let her wait for his next move. It was worth waiting for. It was their first real kiss, the first time their lips made full contact. The next kiss was even better as Roberta allowed him to slip in his Roberta vasquez cum on picture. His kisses started her fluids flowing.

She felt his fingers removing her lingerie. The tissue was softly caressing her nipples when he unfolded her breasts. Mike held his breath. He had looked at her pictorial earlier but the reality was nothing less than spectacular. Her breasts were two perfect mountains of flesh, crowned by lovely pink nipples and large dark areolas.

He will stroke my breasts. Roberta knew the routine of a Playmate video clip but she was in for a big surprise Instead, Mike just let his pants drop. Roberta looked up and saw he clearly appreciated her beauty. His erection was standing like a great flagpole proudly pointing straight ahead. The throbbing column of flesh was thicker than anything she ever had seen before. The Roberta vasquez cum on picture crown dangled straight above her Mike took his fleshy mast in his hand and took aim at tempting lips.

Roberta vasquez cum on picture having red the scenario, Roberta had a pretty picture of the action to come Roberta could still turn away her face and leave the set indignantly. Instead Mike saw her lips yield to his touch. Turned on, he let his swollen prick sink into her inviting, wet mouth Her mouth was delightful and her cheeks hungrily welcomed his invading cock.

Lying backward helplessly, Roberta allowed his fat shaft to move further and further into her throat She put both hands back over her head on the carpet in fear of Roberta vasquez cum on picture further down. Gasping Mike looked down at the red circle of her sucking lips moving over his member Gratefully Mike started to fuck her mouth.

Now and then Mike gave her some time to catch her breath. Roberta didn't know it yet but Mike had big plans for her and his big cock. He let her kneel down with her arms over the bed to show her behind. Roberta was an experienced model and knew exactly what to do. Playfully she wiggled her bottom to the camera. Soon, however, she started to suspect more would be expected from her than showing her crack for some cute pictures.

Her concern increased when Mike sided over her. She felt his throbbing member rubbing over her crack. Slimy pre-cum trickled into the hollow of her anus.

It was only then Roberta was certain what was laid out for her. His hot flesh glided caressingly over her tingling sphincter. Roberta shivered and sobbed.

She always had refused any anal penetration I have never done Roberta vasquez cum on picture before Mike couldn't believe his ears. This Playmate was grossly neglected indeed He considered it an honor to take her brown cherry and capture this historical event for posterity He kissed her in her neck, whispering sweet promises of hot pleasure in her ears. Cheerfully he kept rubbing his prick in her dark crack. Eagerly he groped for her breasts to check if she felt hungry for something exciting action too.

Roberta Vasquez, the Playmate who always proudly had defended the values of Hispanics, realized she was about to be fucked in the ass for the very first time. If she truly wanted to escape at that moment, she might have had a chance. Instead, she felt herself melting down.

His whispered promises of ecstasy were too sweet Mike aimed his penis at the virginal anus between those impressive bronze buttocks In exciting close-up the screen showed how his mushroom-shaped helmet slowly disappeared behind the puckered anus Roberta increased the intensity of the scene with her low, moaning and groaning. Her rear was rotating desperately The contractions of her sphincter only increased his pleasure. Mike had about an inch of South african fat ass naked flesh inside.

He considered diving in her hot furnace in one long stroke. Instead he decided to have some consideration with the howling Playmate. Only thinking of putting his glans from her squeezing anus directly in her wet mouth let his engorged mushroom swell even more. Roberta didn't know what to think of it.

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