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My name is Jason and the following happened when I was eighteen Real moms get caught naked gifs old. I had just finished taking a shower one morning and was stepping out of it when my mom walked into the bathroom with a handful of towels. Real moms get caught naked gifs looked down at my dick, which was at half-mast.

She looked me in the eye and winked, as she licked her bottom lip. The thing is, if she had walked in about a Porn cindy brady nude earlier she would have caught me cumming all over the shower wall.

As it was, my cock was only half hard now. When at full mast I am eight inches long and almost three inches around. I have only had one girlfriend and it didn't end well.

Anyway, I Real moms get caught naked gifs dressed and headed towards my mom's room to find out what she wanted to talk to me about. It wasn't what I wanted to talk about. I was wondering if you remember my friend Jane Ramsey? How could I ever forget that night, it was my eighteenth birthday party and mom let me have a pool party to celebrate it.

Mom also invited her friend Jane along and she wore the tiniest bikini I had ever seen on a woman. Real moms get caught naked gifs all it covered she might as well have been naked. Jane was thirty-eight years old but looked like she was in her twenties. He hasn't been paying her any attention for some time now. She's a nice lady. I listened to what my mom had just said to me but it hadn't sunk in. Then after about a minute it dawned on me what my mom had just asked me.

Was she really wanting to pimp me out to her friend Jane? Yeah she was a great looking woman and yeah, given the chance I would not kick her out of bed, even if she was a year older than my mom, who is thirty-nine. I was trying not to let on to my mom that I would jump at the chance to fuck Jane.

Fuck, I had many a night fantasizing Real moms get caught naked gifs her after seeing her in that little, almost-nothing, black bikini. Mom was blushing again and it looked like she was blushing all the way down to her heavily endowed chest. Her face, neck and chest, or what I could see, were now beet red. I'm not into women Jason. Although the thought of it, watching two women make love to each other, was fast becoming a turn on.

I have always fantasized about being with two women. But now the thought of one of the women being my mom was starting to give me a boner. I have seen glimpses of my mom in her bra and panties, or in just a towel when getting out of the shower.

I must say here and now, that my mom is a bit of a fox like her friend Jane. She's hot and still turns the heads of, not only men but, women too. If this is what mom really wanted me to do she wouldn't need to ask me twice. I have to say though that this is just about the strangest thing mom and I Sexy naked teens gif talked about in my entire life. The thought of mom talking to me about fucking her friend has to be Real moms get caught naked gifs craziest thing.

Real moms get caught naked gifs had seen Jane in her little black bikini. Now I am looking forward to seeing her out of her bikini. A couple of days had gone by since mom and I had talked about me giving her best friend something to smile about.

Mom told me she had talked with Jane and described my eight inch dick to her and that Jane was now excited about meeting me This was Wednesday and the day had been set for Saturday. It was just after lunchtime on Saturday that Jane arrived. I was upstairs when I heard the doorbell ring and mom answering the door.

Both of them made their way into the kitchen giggling and laughing and talking about me. You remember her don't you? Mind you, you do look a little different with clothes on and not just that little black bikini.

I know Jason is keen to show you his bedroom. I have never done anything like this before. You are so young and so hard. Jane took my dick in her hand and licked the tip of it as she pulled my foreskin down.

As the head of my dick appeared Jane surrounded it with her warm lips and stuck her tongue in my hole. As soon as she began to suck on my cock all the nervousness just fell away. Turns out she was a really good cocksucker. She slid her hand under my balls and gently began massaging them back and forth as she sucked my cock. After about five minutes of sucking me and playing with my balls, Jane let my dick slide out of her mouth with a pop.

She pushed me back onto the bed and lay beside me. She took my dick back into her hand and began to jerk me off gently as we kissed. Her tongue was swirling Real moms get caught naked gifs in my mouth exploring it, as mine danced around hers.

Our kissing lasted for a couple of minutes before I stopped and sat up. I then moved on top of her, skin to skin. She opened her legs and I got between them. Her nipples were small but very hard and, as my cock nudged her pussy I could feel she was bare and smooth down there.

I kissed her lips and then kissed and licked my Suck my dick boy down her neck and chest to her little hard nipples. I took each one, in turn, into my mouth, as I licked, nibbled, chewed, bit and sucked on them as hard as she could take it. All this time she was squirming below me and my dick was knocking on her love hole.

Oh fuck yes, that feels fantastic! Eat me! Eat my pussy. I kissed and licked my way down towards her belly button and stopped to dip my tongue in, making her moan all the more. Then kissed and licked my way down to that lovely pussy of hers. As I slid my Burning behind breast bone over her wet cunt she thrust her pussy at my hand. She was like a wanton woman by the time I got two fingers deep inside her pussy as I strummed her clit with the fingers of my other hand.

Soon she was right at the edge of no return and begged for me to suck on her clit and make her cum. Little did I know until it hit me in the face that Jane squirted when she orgasmed. She covered my face and top half of my body when she squirted over me.

Right there! God yes! Don't fucking stop! I'm cummmmming again!!!! After a few minutes, once she stopped shaking and come down from her high, I rose up and knelt over her, my cock waving in the air in front of her.

She reached down and took me in her hand and guided me to her soaked pussy lips. You do have a beautiful cock Jason! It's so fucking hard too. I love it when you do that. I rubbed the tip of my dick up and down between her pussy lips as her juices coated me.

I pressed my cock against her pussy and watched as it began to disappear inside her to about half way. She was so much tighter than I thought she was going to be but it felt so good. I pulled my cock back Slim sex in singapore of her until only the head was left inside her.

Then I thrust against her and my cock disappeared deep inside her to the hilt and I held still deep inside her. That is so fuckin' good. I want to feel you deep babe. My dick was feeling good inside my mom's best friend. I knew I was close to cumming. Really close. I think she knew it to because she started moving and twisting under me. We were both fucking each other and were now Real moms get caught naked gifs any shyness that we'd had only minutes ago.

Now we were fucking and enjoying it immensely. Yes, yes, fuck yes. Feels so fucking good. As deep into her as it would go.

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