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Ash grunted as he pumped in and out of the Cerulean Gym Leader. They've been having this illicit affair for years. It all started during their journey through Johto traveled around the Kanto region collecting Frontier Symbols. On his way home he stopped by the Cerulean Gym and found Misty masturbating in her room. Ash stripped off his clothes and decided to join in on the fun. Misty was shocked at first, but then enjoyed Ash's nicely sized cock. His was so much bigger than Tracey's or Brock's.

Plus Ash's cock was thicker also. Not Pokemon may and misty naked mention he had the stamina of thirty Tauros. She knew she'd be the envy of her sisters. They always complained about Pokemon may and misty naked small their partners are or how quickly they came. Ash pounded Misty harder making her small breasts jiggle.

She then felt Ash's hand cup her breasts and she moaned in satisfaction. Ash felt his balls tighten and he blasted inside Misty. This caused her to come as well. Misty wasn't the only girl Ash fucks. He fucks all of his female companions as well as other girls he meets that he finds attractive. All of Ash's female companions know this and accepts that they have to share Ash. Ash and Misty turned to find Dawn and May naked and waiting.

Dawn's breasts were a modest size and she had a nice patch of blue pubic hair just above her wet pussy. While May had the biggest breasts of the three Pokemon may and misty naked. She kept her pussy free of hair.

Dawn hopped up on the bed very excited to finally have her turn. She then got on her hands and knees wigging her butt. Ash sighed and sank his still hard cock Pokemon may and misty naked Dawn's wet pussy. She squealed as he entered her. Once he bottomed out in her he pulled out making Dawn whine only to push back to make Dawn squeal again then whine as Ash pulled out.

This went on the whole time Ash fucked her. You've seen video of yourself the time we filmed each other with Ash" May said pointedly. The sound of Dawn's loud squeal signaled that she had Pokemon may and misty naked. This also broke the girl's chat they were having. Soon it changed back to Dawn usual whines and squeals, which meant Ash hadn't come yet. The deal was that each girl Pokemon may and misty naked fucked until Ash came inside them.

And since Ash could stave off his release for a long time coupled with his stamina meant that the three girls came a couple times before Ash did. That made him very valuable to the girls. So we might have to move in with caution" May said. Misty nodded in agreement.

Who knows what you're dealing with when you try to bring a new girl into Pokemon may and misty naked unique relationship. They chatted some more as the sounds of whines and squeals were the background noise with the occasional loud squeal, which signaled Dawn coming. A final very loud squeal signaled Dawn coming and Ash grunted, which meant he had come. Dawn had collapsed on to the bed and Ash was panting trying to catch his breath.

Her large breasts jiggled as she was being pounded and Ash dipped his head down and started to ravish them. This only increased May's pleasure. She was now moaning even louder. The two girls then turned back to watch Ash fuck May. Ash was plowing into the brunette coordinator with no mercy and May was enjoying every moment of it.

Each girl liked something different. May liked it a bit rough. Dawn was more the one that liked it gentle. Misty had no preference at all.

All three girls had been with Ash and have also been with one another. They knew they weren't lesbians since they loved Ash's cock, but Pokemon may and misty naked little girl time wasn't a bad thing either. The rest of the night Ash and his three girls fucked one another in every way possible. Misty had pulled out her nice collection of dildos that she had for personal use and she used them on both Dawn and May.

The other two girls did the same thing to the gym leader. The three girls did this to give Ash a break between fuckings. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Some AU. Mostly Not Connected.

Her whole body was glisten with sweat. Misty pouted. She knew she grunted and panted when she had sex, but that's how she reacted. May checked the girl's pulse and Pokemon may and misty naked her head. They moved Dawn off the bed and May got on. Ash wiped the sweat from his brow.

Misty, who exited the room came back with an energy drink. Ash took the drink and downed the whole thing. Misty smiled and pushed him back to May. Ash smiled and plunged his cock in to May, who sighed with content.

Ash began pumping away making May moan with pleasure. They all fell asleep feeling content and dreams of when they'd have their next fuck session. May 2. Dawn 3. Nurse Joy 4. Officer Jenny 5. Iris 6. Dawn, May and Misty 8. Johanna 9. Caroline Delia Delia, Caroline and Johanna The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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