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When we were there last we met a couple in their late 20s. The staff told them they were the youngest couple to ever stay there. For us, our first nude or semi-nude vacation was our honeymoon to Tahiti. It was an amazing trip and kicked off our marriage.

It was where my wife became truly comfortable with laying out, walking, swimming, canoeing, eating and talking to others without her bikini top on. It was a liberating experience for her and honestly taught me a Nude beach tahiti group about the unwritten language that can occur when a large group of women want to, but are uncomfortable to Nude beach tahiti group something new like sunbathing topless.

We wanted Nude beach tahiti group lay out, swim with the fish, enjoy romantic dinners and each other. We did not choose to go there because Fuck desi girls.

com beaches are topless. So where is Tahiti? Tahiti is actually the largest island and part of French Polynesiawhich has more than islands.

If you want a Nude beach tahiti group tropical island experience with great food and incredible beaches and sea life, this is the place. We spent ten days in French Polynesia stay a minimum of two weeks and went to three different islands. Our favorite was Bora Bora. We swam with sharks, ate great food, paddled around the lagoons, snorkeled with hundreds if not thousands of fish and relaxed on the beach every day. As you can imagine, it was very romantic.

When we arrived at our first hotelwe were exhausted, jet lagged and ready to collapse. We were enjoying a quick lunch Nude beach tahiti group we saw another American couple who had arrived with us.

They had reserved an over-water bungalow with steps to the water. They were getting into a canoe to explore the lagoon. As we watched them circle a dock and began to discuss how much we wanted to do the same, the woman stopped paddling, reached behind her back and untied her bikini and pulled it off. From that moment on, we knew this was going to be a very different trip for us. French Polynesia was a perfect introduction for my wife to feel confident and enjoy being topless around other people.

Here we were surrounded by other couples. After finishing lunch we went to our bungalow and put on our swimsuits. I teased my wife about leaving her bikini top in the room. I could tell she was uncomfortable and initially covered up whenever a waiter came by Nude beach tahiti group ask us if we wanted a drink.

By the end of the day she was walking, swimming and Nude beach tahiti group canoeing topfree. My wife has wonderful olive colored skin that gets very dark as she tans. After a week of laying out and sunbathing topless I thought she would be totally comfortable being topless anywhere.

I was wrong. Our final island was Moorea. When we arrived at the Sofitel resort in the early afternoon, we quickly changed and went out onto the beach and discovered we were surrounded by young, honeymooning American couples.

All were proudly wearing new wedding bands and each young lady wore a small bikini in a variety of colors. I was surprised but I understood. She wore her bikini top all day. The first time in nearly two weeks. The next morning we arrived at the beach early. Our vacation was nearly over and we wanted to catch every ray of sun before heading back to Ohio.

I asked her if she would go topless while the beach was still open and vacant. She took off her bikini top and settled into a good book, which quickly put her to Nude beach tahiti group. I was surprised by what happened next. The chairs around us slowly filled with the same couples we had seen the day before but one by one, each young lady looked at my wife and then shed her bikini top. By the time my wife woke, she was surprised to see everyone around her was topless too.

This makes perfect sense to me. Who wants to be the first? So with all of those beautiful beaches and women wearing some of the smallest thongs I have ever seen, you would think Nude beach tahiti group would be a few nude beaches. Think again. Full body nudity is actually frowned upon in French Polynesia. Some hotels do allow nude sunbathing on private islands but we discovered not every island is private. On our third day in French Polynesia, I spoke with one of the resort staff to see where we could sunbath naked.

He suggested we canoe to one of Nude beach tahiti group many small islands in the lagoon. We took off on a 10 minute paddle to the closest island. When we pulled our dug out canoe ashore, it looked like paradise. Soft white sand with gentle rolling waves hitting the shore. Lush ferns, moss and coconut trees densely filled the island. This was the nude beach I Nude beach tahiti group always dreamed of enjoying with my young bride.

And it was all ours. Or so we thought. After we took off our bathing suits and pulled out our towels, our lush private island was invaded. French Polynesian men came from the island jungle and around the beach on what we thought was a remote, uninhabited island to tell us in broken French and English to put our bathing suits back on now.

Literally surrounded by men yelling at us to cover up, we quickly and embarrassingly pulled our suits on. We laughed about it later in the evening but Teen girls on kik last thing we ever wanted to do was offend someone with our nude bodies. Especially when we are tourists in their home. The Nude beach tahiti group people do not approve of full nudity. It was though a wonderful experience for my wife and me.

My wife is very slender and does not have large breasts. While I believe she is stunning, especially when she is naked, she is often embarrassed by her small breasts. Seeing her enjoy herself and be so confident without her top on was wonderful for her and for me. It was also a stepping stone for our next nude travel experience. Nude beach tahiti group received several emails asking which hotel we stayed at on Bora Bora. Does anyone have any updates on nude sunbathing or skinny dipping on one of the islands in French Polynesia?

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