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The Himba are a tribe of nomadic pastoralists who inhabit the Kaokoland area of Namibia. The Himba are actually descendants of a group of Herero herders who fled into the remote north-west after been displaced by the Nama.

The Himba have clung to their traditions and the beautiful Himba women are noted for their intricate hairstyles which and traditional jewellery. Nude african tribal women breast Himba men and woman wear few clothes apart from a loin cloth or goat skinned mini-skirt, they rub their bodies with red ochre and fat to protect themselves from the sun and also gives their appearance a rich red colour.

When you see the constant struggle for basics in life, but at the same time the happiness and joy from the simple things, it reflects on your own life. Are we happier than these people? I'm not so sure. If you like this gallery, please do not forget to vote for it. Nude african tribal women breast thanks.

Himba - Teenage moms. Enter an optional name and contact email address. Name Name Email help private comment. Brian C Schmoll Sep The Himba are indeed amongst the most beautiful people in the world -- so subtly attractive, the features, the skin tone. No wonder there must be individuals across the globe who appreciate their incredible beauty. There is one question I am hoping can be adequately answered -- is there a way a man such as myself can access communication with some of the Himba?

I can assure anyone that I shall at all times exorcise the utmost courtesy and respect. Can anyone out there assist me? Brenda Johnson Aug Magnificent Thank you so much for sharing this work. Great work! Earl Misanchuk Jul An amazinf documentary of an amazing people. Their hair styles are unique. Big vote. Guest Jul Umed singh May Good work Guest Feb i love you mama africa.

I live in Africa but I have never had the opportunity to see such unique people. Cheers, Pat. It's nice to see people that aren't constantly chasing the next new thing in technology or fashion.

No keeping up with the Jones here! Guest Oct send all the sluts too africa they will love it. Guest Oct If its the same village we visited, its a village for orphans and nearly all the people visitors meet are women and children.

It is extremely hot there, but the women dress like this even when visiting the city. They are very proud fo their heritage and customs and have chosen not to adopt western style dress. We were told that the ankles are the most erotic part of the body and ankle bands are one of the first things girls make themseleves.

These people are amazing and are able to live in areas where there is almost no water. Rebecca Sep Can someone Nude african tribal women breast tell me why these women don't cover the top half of the body, Nude african tribal women breast if men are as obsessive with the chest over there?

I noticed most of your photos were of the naked women. The enviroment looks harsh but they are seemingly happy. David Aug They are really awesome, I mean beautiful. Rosemarie SILVA Apr We have just returned from a two week holiday in Namibia and had the previlege of spending many hours with these lovely people. We had an interpreter and so we managed to ask heaps of questions. They Nude african tribal women breast just lovelydown to earth people unaffected from Western civilization.

The children were intrigued with my I pad. We bought jewellery made by them and also were invited to enter their tiny and simle home and we were shown how they made the ochre paste. We left a shade browner or redder! They sang Nude african tribal women breast danced for us. They are happy people with so little demands. We really can learn something from this experience! Guest Jan Tookie from Inglewood These are some of the most amazeng photographs I've ever seen Thank for the experence.

Guest Jan this people are very innocent they dont play blody politics for others. Maryana Rudchenko Jan Aren't they beautiful??? What a gorgeous tribe!! Nude african tribal women breast I could go and see them in a real life Maybe one day Sipho Ntimbane Nov Ooh That's beautiful, one day i want to go and see Guest Sep Beautiful Guest Jul Marcello. Guest Jun wow!! True African beauty. They are indeed beautiful and natural. I love them all.

Guest Feb hello nimba people. How r u? U r family. My name moorthy from india, tamil nadu, salem. U r my family number. I want u r relasanship. Brother, sister, mother, father's take care. Keely Nude african tribal women breast Nice gallery! Well done! Guest Sep Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Beautiful Shots Dror Yalon!!! Guest Jul beautiful people Amin Lalani Jun Incredible! Jungle Life in 21st Century still active! Hats off to the creator of this Marvellous Gallery.

Thank you for sharing them. Geoionela Jan Absolute great gallery! Guest Jan its beautyful. I wana u,r asistand to help in your work. Guest Dec Beautiful people indeed. Guest Nov Amazing gallery! PauloCGama Nov Beautiful people. Marvelous gallery! My compliments. Barry Ailetcher Sep What a great gallery very well shot. Rajendra S Joshi Aug Most happiest people are tribals. Simple living. No importance for sex.

Only for birth right. These people should be allowed cooly. Should not be affected by city living people. I admire your work. Guest Aug excellent images and a great photo story.

Dave Aug The best Himba's gallery I've ever seen. Gracias por compartirlo.!

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