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There Normal vaginal anatomy pictures vulvas with large, long, short, fat and thin labia — all are normal. All have a job to do. See link below. In the meantime, please pop across to the Vulva Gallery where you can see several pages of female genitalia pictures, which obviously show a selection of normal healthy labia majoras and labia minoras.

What causes the infections and what infections do they cause? Am I normal? Female Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology. Why did Normal vaginal anatomy pictures develop this website? It was just a little lick … but will it cost me? Sick Willy Overview. Save Save. There are the fleshy folds that surround the opening of the mouth oral labia and the visible, labia major and minora that surround the entrance to the vagina.

The labia majora — the fatter, outer labia of the vulva The labia minora — the thinner, inner and Normal vaginal anatomy pictures longer and more protruding lips, within the inner vulva, close to the entrance to the vagina vaginal orifice and which surrounds the urethral opening — or opening to the urethra or urine passage — and up, to enclose the clitoris within the labia majora, too.

Picture of Vulva — Image labelled for WillyWorries.

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