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Forgot password? We moderate all questions to prevent duplicates, offensive grammar, and laziness. Nudists will probably happier in general with their bodies and others' bodies, so they are at less risk of depression, judgementalism, sexism, racism, and any negative side effects of these things. The Amish lived a fucking terrible life. I'll be frolicking around with nudists, thank you very much. Coulter Im not perverted. I could live like an average guy with no clothing. Do my normal thing everytime.

If you were born into it, you'd think it was normal! But what if you sat on a could chair When you're in a nudist colony, after a Naked amish girl pictures, seeing naked people all the time really doesn't affect you. It would be weird at first but you'd get used to it.

I could not live without Naked amish girl pictures technology, and plus i'm too lazy to make my own crap. If you were always part of a nudist colony then you would treat it like we do with clothes on If i lived with the Amish I would raise a child, blindfold them and take them to a "normal" city and convince them i can travel through time The first rule in all Naked amish girl pictures colonies is that Naked amish girl pictures behavior is prohibited, so that wouldn't be a question.

Yeah but see everyone's penis and have sex!! Oh and does anyone want to meet up naked and have sex!!?? I'll do the whole Rumspringa experience, and then leave the Amish for the life I have now. All of that is part of the whole Amish lifestyle. But imagine your gf allways having dicks all over her when she higs her friends or parents and not to mention if you huged your friend These people who "dont read booms" must be idiot teens or collage students cause your to imature to relize how much books have changed are way of life Amish have weird rules and I don't understand why we don't live in nudist colonies now I mean we're we born fully clothed no and atleast we have electronics.

I agree with Naked amish girl pictures, I need technology even if I have no pockets for it. Plus, I Naked amish girl pictures grow a beard.

It wouldn't matter if you lived in nudity because everyone will think its normal just how we think wearing clothes is normal. People don't LIVE in Naked men matt hughes colonies, it's more like a resort.

Anyway, being a nudist doesn't mean you can't EVER wear clothes. Sign In. Or sign in with Either account Email Address Password. Join Either. Add Question Question Title Would you rather Blue Option.

Red Option. Title Prefix Optional. Blue Option Red Option. Submit Anonymously Submit Question. Back to top Would you rather Would you rather Live in a nudist colony. Live with the Amish. The Naked Amish added by Sam Dunn.

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