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Bravo to men who are willing to simply be upstanding adults when our culture makes it clear that only weirdos are interested in kids other than their own. Mom in the second story is a control freak, and her son just happens to an available person to control. I think a lot of bubble wrapping is about control, and kids are just the unfortunate victims. Your photo reminds me of when I was a kid.

We lived four houses down from a corner gas station. We had one toilet for a family Mom and son fuck animated story 8. My older brothers were instructed to go to the gas station if they needed the restroom urgently when someone younger needed to go.

That was when gas station bathrooms were unlocked and accessible from outside. And Mom and son fuck animated story, our parents did NOT accompany my brothers for this purpose. Magically, they are still alive. On another note, yesterday a sweet tot with Down syndrome looked at me, smiled, and reached out as if he thought I was someone he knew. My choices were to ignore him or acknowledge him with some affection. I chose the latter. While I was not crazy about it on the NJ Turnpike — he survived his brothers stayed with him.

Now, he is an independent six-year old. One of my 5yos is really lazy about this. Does she need toothbushing boot camp? RichW — I agree. The 2nd mum would be the type to control everything around her. It is more efficient. I am amazed Mom and son fuck animated story the number of people who seem to think it should not apply to their male child. I have 2 boys aged 4. In defense of the second mom, my kids have extremely soft enamel and need more fillings pretty much every time they visit the dentist.

One needed crowns when she was 3 or 4. However, they yield the toothbrush themselves as well. And go to restrooms on their own! I figured if they were big enough to go across, they were also big enough to fall down. I have never felt that some equipment was Mom and son fuck animated story high if they could get up on their own. Even when the last was only 9 months old and climbing everything. I want my kids strong enough to do the things on their own, Sexe des femme noir, a nice dad like you helping them up who might not stick around like Mom and son fuck animated story could lead to my kid getting hurt before they are ready.

If the parents say yes, then it is your back! Go for it! I always love having dads at the park. I used to climb under bathroom stall doors when stuck- as a little girl. Yuck, right? On another note I find it creepy to Mom and son fuck animated story sharing a public restroom with a boy who is too old. Those stall doors rarely fit tight leaving big gaps for prying eyes.

Crazycatlady- I worked at a prek for three years. One with lots of tall equipment. Staff was not allowed to put kids on equipment. Most figure out a way up on their own. Safer for the kids, encourages independence nothing like the smile Mom and son fuck animated story they do it Mom and son fuck animated story themselves and saved our backs. At one time or another either my wife or I took the wrong sex child into a bathroom. What else can you do?

Once the older girl s got to 7 or 8, they could take their younger sister in for me. If you have a pure heart, you theoretically should have little to fear. I was raised by a widowed mother. I had one set of grandparents because I never knew my late father or his side of the family. My big brother was a middle aged man and now he is about to retire. My grandparents are now gone, they passed away in I got stuck in a bathroom stall onetime when I was about 8 or 9 at a restaurant.

My grandfather came looking for me and helped get me out. The stall door was messed up. I was just fine, it was not a busy day or place. I was taught self reliance and fiscal responsibility. Everyone I grew up with made fun of me for my old fashioned and strange ways. Now I am married have a son on the way and we plan to raise our son in a traditional house hold.

I work for the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks department keeping our state parks clean. I run an independent ministry all for free called Montana Truth Seekers Ministry. I do not accept a paycheck from the Ministry. My wife is a housewife and we get along better with old couples than people our age because they are so irresponsible. I have to say I loved this blog. I do follow your blog because it is quite interesting.

Women need to let their sons grow up to be self reliant even if they mess up here and there. My mother got cancer when I was 12 and almost died. I was taught to do laundry and everything else I Comix hustler powered by phpbb need to know to survive. I learned to cook on my own. I did burn several food items but never burnt the house down. I would have been well taken care of if my mother Mom and son fuck animated story not survived the cancer.

I was still taught to be self reliant though. My wife witnessed the same thing the other day at a local pizza place. The boy was standing outside the stall talking to his mother though not brushing his teeth.

Last fall was at a restaurant bathroom using the urinal yeah im a guy and it was situated such that it was kind of exposed when you came in the door…. Hopefully made the dad think twice. I asked him why he was in the ladies room. The sad thing is that this was in the safest area you could imagine. Nothing has ever happened in that area as far as I am aware.

I felt for the boy too. But, I was not about to let that slide. You appear to be talking about young children Mom and son fuck animated story a parent should be around.

By pre-k, she could do any monkey bars within her wing span, including rings. Since Mom and son fuck animated story is also very small for her age, she has only been able to reach SOME monkey bars recently.

As for the post, I agree with whoever said it that the second lady is simply a control freak. I do think that is what is behind most helicopter mentality. Either people who try to control every aspect of their lives or people whose life is otherwise somewhat haywire Mom and son fuck animated story they control the one thing they can — their kids. The pool I swam at a year ago had signs saying at what age you had to send your kid to the appropriate locker room.

Sadly this pool really should never have needed this rule. Thus, even toddlers have no need to be in the wrong locker room at that pool. I fear the increased prevalence in dragging perfectly capable boys into the ladies Mom and son fuck animated story is going to make it so much harder for boys to become capable men when my children are adults.

I send my 5yo girls to the restroom alone. The last thing I expect them to encounter in there is a bigger boy who is unaccompanied by his mom. If any mom here does that, please stop it now. As for helping the kids on playground equipment, I also do not want any adult of either gender helping my kid. My kids sometimes ask me to help or play with them and I say no, a playground Mom and son fuck animated story for kids to play with kids, not adults except Mom and son fuck animated story little toddlers.

I think it sends the wrong message. Obviously the above does not apply in an emergency situation where a kid really cannot safely get down. If he is old enough to go on his own to one than surely he can go to the gender appropriate one? When my boys were younger there was a dad with 7 year old twins one of each who were in swimming classes at the same pool we went to, the dad brought his daughter into the boys change room with him, even though there were family rooms, and a sign stating no opposite sex over age 5.

My sons pointed out to me that the girl was making comments about what she was seeing, I asked the dad to not bring her in anymore, he refused, It took the pool manager getting involved to make him stop.

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