I stopped wearing panties at 16, Im 33 now. I remember in the middle of the night I crept to the bathroom with a scissors and cut off my pubic hair. I hated the fact that my undies bunched it up flat and made me feel like a stuffed animal.

I woke up the next day and decided not to wear panties to school. I felt such exhilaration! Like I had a deep dark secret! I have never looked back since! Panties have come so far from being the chaste undergarments they once were! I wear bras when I want to.

I like how it shapes my breasts. I will typically wear a shirt with a sewn in bralette, softer cups sewn into the shirt or cami. I will also sleep in those shirts or camis too. Mature women no panties restriction than a wire bra. Also, no boobs flopping about when wearing a silk robe to bed or what have you. Security, plain and simple. And since we are settled in Bangalore my grandparents are there, sometimes I go there for vacation alone or with my brother. I will be wearing a half skirt or a long skirt I will be wearing a half skirt or a long skirt or a three fourth and check shirt or tshirt.

My nanny grandma will understand that I am not wearing bra or panties. I will be like a small girl Mature women no panties she will only smile or laugh at me. Going bra less, for some women, is really common. Besides, the cups of the top are lined enough to wear without needing a bra or pasties. Yeah, bra is sooo not happening in this dress.

This is one of my favorite tops and across the chest it fits about the same as some of my favorite sports bras. As to going without panties… for obvious reasons, not something I ever do. Some women do though. Outside of the kind of couture you see on fashion runways there are some dresses and skirts that it gets rough to manage pantie lines with and rather than deal with things like spanx, some women just go commando.

Kate, before we go, we have to ask: Is it true you hate wearing panties? Bras and panties are just articles of clothing. Some people dispense with either, some people rarely go without.

I wear a bra at work because I have too it's part of our dress code but I never wear panties. I watch the eyes from the men as I giggle pass them, and most of them are focused on my protruding nipples through my tops, a lot of them will then look up making eye contact and smile. I'll go without a bra in certain outfits, particularly halter topped dresses, but I'm kinda large chested 36Dso it can be a bit uncomfortable. I don't exactly need a bra yetbut larger breasts are heavy and it starts to hurt your back.

Occasionally I'll wear cute lacy bras like crop tops instead of a shirt, especially when it's super hot Mature women no panties humid out. I always wear panties though. I'll sleep topless with Mature women no panties panties on. The only time I didn't wear them was when I was in ballet, because underwear just doesn't work with a Mature women no panties, but I always had tights on under the leotard.

One of the bras I wear as a top. The lace under it goes nearly to my belly button. Do women ever walk around without wearing bras or panties? I rarely wear clothes at home unless my son is home. I love the freedom of nudity. I'm going to a sex party this evening. I'd be surprised if any of my clothes stay on for more than half an hour.

As far as going without undies under my clothes, I usually go bra-less. If I wear a bra, it's usually to make my nipples less obvious for work or to create more obvious cleavage for play. I like wearing panties underneath pants.

Jeans are often scratchy on my girly parts. With dresses and skirts, it depends on th With dresses and skirts, it depends on the length and whether I'd be okay with a commando Marilyn Monroe subway grate moment. Go to villages. However, most women are also very modest and do not go out in public without Mature women no panties, especially not panties.

Going without a bra is a personal thing depending upon how big their breasts are, how comfortable Gratis kontaktannonser erotiska klipp Mature women no panties not wearing one, and what they look like in their clothing without a bra. Some clothing have built in breast supports, so a bra is not necessary.

I am probably more guilty of not wearing a bra or panties while I am at home, than out in public. But in the hot summer time I will venture forth wearing a dress, or skirt with no panties at times. At home, I much prefer to be naked, and fortuitously I am able to do so as Mature women no panties of my neighbors are female and the third neighbor are a married Beautiful nude nature girls and friends. The less clothing the better!

I mostly walk around without bra and panty. My dresses like these. I always likes to not to wear panties. In home, I will not use bra also. At home yes when no one is around… specially during summer. I had done that before but not in public places. I mainly walk around without wearing bras or panties is when Mature women no panties am at home with my husband.

In most cases I do wear panties but not bras. As a woman myself, i wear bras when I go to work or public places and it stay on as long as I am not at home. As soon as I get home and changing clothes, I usually take it off. The only exception is Friday night,when it is time to have sex with my husband because I want him slowly taking my bras and panties off. In india it is very common thing not to ware bra ,panties our maharashtrian dress sari does not need any under garments not like today's sari I will show you the picture.

In pregnancy again due to some tradition and superstison baby will not get milk, nipples will not get prominent they don't wear bras. In summer season it is a Mature women no panties practice not to wear bras but at that time the clothes ar In summer season it is a common practice not to wear Mature women no panties but at that time the clothes are little thick. They are very costly is the another reason women are not using it. Whatever may be the cause you must wear cotton not synthetic, tight loose undergarments.

Yes, many do. Sometimes I check in at a hotel, tired, decide to take shower. I am so tired that I get into warm blanket without wearing anything and sleep. Sometimes I reach home late in evening from work, I remove my clothes and don't wear anything till next morning. I rarely go commando down under, because jeans chafe Mature women no panties panties and I prefer not to show my valuables to the public while wearing a skirt or loose shorts.

But the first thing I do when I get home is take off my bra, and the last thing I do when I'm Mature women no panties ready to leave is put on a bra and shirt. If I'm sunburned I have to leave off my bra even when it go somewhere. Depends on the outfit and my mood. Some dresses I own have built in support and need no bra, some tops as well.

I Mature women no panties to enjoy wearing lingerie most of the Mature women no panties and dress accordingly. I always wear underpants, it Mature women no panties feels Mature women no panties not to. Also, I tend to wear jeans, and having the thick seam between the legs rub constantly against the fairly sensitive tissue of genitals sounds thoroughly unpleasant. Bras, on the other hand…in winter, I tend to not bother.

I usually wear bulky sweaters or hoodies and have small breasts. All the time. Bras aren't really something I like. Mature women no panties breasts don't really need the support, and I like feeling them move in my clothes.

I think that visible nipples are sexy, and I have very visible nipples, why hide them in a bra? Panties are just not something I ever wear.

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