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Cam be Lick eat anal cream pie or female that like to eat cream pies. I have done this. Its great fun. All have been from female. She loves it too. I haven't had the pleasure YET but i am sure willing to give it a shot!!! I love them, very intimate to me, being that close to a couple, balls and clit in your face while you lick suck and tease them both and then he fills her and pulls ut and then the sucking licking and pleasing of her clit and the feel of the warm load sliding down your throat!

Exposed milf powered by phpbb love eating cream pies. I love the taste of cum and pussy months ago permalink. Ilove eating creampies--mine or soneone else's--I love to lick a pussy or ass dry--I also love to lick cum off a huge set of tits--this is a real turn on months ago permalink. I have done Lick eat anal cream pie, but not with my wife. Has to be fresh for me. I like to eat my own cum sometimes.

I enjoy the taste of man cum but eating it out of her freshly Lick eat anal cream pie pussy really turns her on and that's what it's all about.

I give cream pies two thumbs up. I love eating cream pies and having a cuckold hubby clean me up too. I get my treats when my wife comes back home. Yes i also eat creampie,as a cuckold it is my duty to clean up and eat a freshly served one. I have eaten creampies my entire sex life, over 40 years.

There are few things that make me hornier, or taste better. And sex into a well fucked Lick eat anal cream pie is the best sex there is. I love to eat cream pie but so far only ate mine from my wife!!!!!!!! Have eaten mine and my wife's lover.

Just wish I could have more. I have only had the pleasure of eating my own cream pie when my Mistress Wife allows me to cum in her but can't wait to eat someone else's cream pie to seal the deal on me being her sissy cuckold months Lick eat anal cream pie permalink.

Definitely love cream pies! Tanisha mukherjee sex tape ex would let me suck her lovers to hardness, so they could fuck, then I would get to lick them clean and eat all that cream from her juicy pussy! I like the cream pie. Ex had me do it all the time. I did her then him too. I also got to do fluff. It was great. I LUV creampies! Especially when that holes loaded up with a BBCs cum! Damn I wanna do that again!

Been loving them even before we got married over 35 years there's just something about eating other guys cum out of her that taste so good and so much better than my ownplus it's from many ages and races Den months ago permalink. Eating Creampie is my favorite sexual thing to do.

I started enjoying it when I was Originally posted months ago. I love them also and love to lick her as Lick eat anal cream pie are doing it that would be hot months ago permalink. I absolutely love eating a cream filled pussy. Had my first when I was Was at a small party and I was the third guy to fuck this hot little slut, the whole time I was fucking her she Lick eat anal cream pie begging me to eat her pussy so as soon as I shot my load in her I pulled out and went down on her.

I could not believe how sloppy and juicy she was. The smell and the taste was intoxicating as I was licking and slurping Lick eat anal cream pie all the juices.

She had her hands on the back of my head pushing into her pussy and humping up to my mouth. She kept moaning and telling me to eat her pussy, fuck yes eat it make me cum. After maybe 10 or 15 min. I was addicted!.

Cream pies are so erotic. I love eating a freshly fucked pussy that's full of delicious cum until she cums and their cum runs down my throat.

Yes have cleaned my wifes Professional development for of adults many times - she loves men to cum in her and sit on my face, hoping for many more months ago permalink.

Love eating creampie here, my own or anyone elses, and have shared too Cleaned exes cunt for 15 years and adore creampies months ago permalink. I love eating cream pies! Been eating my own since i was in my teens and loved cleaning my ex's pussy when we had threesomes or moresomes with other guys!

Love to eat cream pies from gang bangs, and most about any other kinds. I love to serve as fluffer and clean up boi too. I want to, but have not had the opportunity as of yet months ago permalink. I have eaten my own creampie from my gf.

I love it. I would love to try another man's cp. I've eaten more than a few creampies, both my own and others'. I have a very kinky playmate in Louisiana who will bring me a fresh creampie when we play and that's how we start off sometimes. I love sucking my cum out of a just fucked pussy.

Tastes so smooth and creamy. Really there is just nothing on earth as wonderful as eating a cum filled pussy. I love Lick eat anal cream pie eat cream pie! I ate mine from my wife and sometimes from my male lovers.

Since our post some 5 months ago, hubby has eaten 2 creampies that were not his. We both loved it months ago permalink. I think everyone secretly wants to eat one Wife likes getting one, she likes me eating them :- months ago permalink. Yeah, my wife likes me to eat my own cum from her pussy, but I really want to taste another man's cum in her cunt. Back again and still loving creampies,recently picked up a young guy that gave her 3 loads ,cleaning them both was amazing Denn months ago permalink.

I had the pleasure of eating my Niece's after her hubby fucked her months ago permalink. Who likes anal cream pie? I love eating cream pies too. My wife now ex started making me eat them because I would cum so much. Now that she is my ex, she makes me eat her boyfriends after he leaves. Well I want to try because the thought of it makes my horny and drool! As the male half of the couple here. I am lookig forward to enjoying my first creampie tomorrow nite when we meet with a black man for the first time.

I am excited but apprehensive Lick eat anal cream pie well. I have also agreed if one of her lovers asks for me to suck his cock she has agreed to teach e how to please her lover. Love the taste of my own cum but yet Lick eat anal cream pie have the pleasure of eating another mans from his wife, everyone has to have a dream to strive for.

There is something so deliciously incredible about a woman's touch and voice "making" me feast on her! I like to eat them, but I cannot eat my own. I seem to loss all mt sexual desire once I cum. If I have not cum yet I am willing to do almost anything. It turns me on and i have 3 o 4 big O'S every time! Hubby had several this Lick eat anal cream pie weekend to enjoy :- 96 months ago permalink.

Love to! I love to eat cream pie. My x had me clean her out after she had other fuck her. I do miss that. I have eaten my own from my wife's pussy, but I would like to eat another man's from the same place!

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