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Hi everyone, I am Rahul from Mumbai. I am married from the past four years but do not have a wonderful sex lyf. My wife is working come back from office at 8PM and since I am working in stock market am back at 5PM. My usual everyday routine is to chat online and search for sex partners. Have been lucky 3 times in the last 4 years. But now I was looking for Indian married women sex LTR with a woman and not a one night stand.

I used Indian married women sex chat with a gal on hotmail since a long time. I knew her Indian married women sex she was my friends GF had met her only once She is married to Indian married women sex one else now. I knew she had a bad marriage and was looking forward to have her but nothing materialized. We had exchanged our cell number about 2 years ago but never called each other. One day i got a sms from a number asking who am I, Since i was not aware who she was replied her back as who is it.

Got a reply with her name in Indian married women sex msg and I came to Indian married women sex it was her. I did not know she had changed her number and my number in her cell was stored as unnamed and she wanted to know who am i. I replied I am Rahul and we started chatting on sms. I dint tell her i was the same guy and we used to chat on hotmail and i still have not yet told her.

Over the time we became good friends and my wife had gone to London for a month and i was in Mumbai, I had my car and one day i asked this new sms friend of mine if we could meet, to my surprise she said she would love to but since she was staying at Indian married women sex moms house i would have to come there and that place Indian married women sex a good 1 hours drive from my office in day time.

I had no issues and we decide where and what time to meet. We met and we went at gateway of India and i put my car in parking and sat there talking to each other. After 3 days she was back at her in laws house and she Indian married women sex told me we could not meet and she would tell me if at any time it was possible for her to meet. During this time we only used to chat on sms. Appx Gratis svensk erotik porrfilm i mobilen a week she told me she had good news for me, to my surprise she had joined a gym in afternoons and Indian married women sex could meet around 1.

Indian married women sex she uses the car to go to her office I had no car and could not meet my new girlfriend. And we came to back to our sms things. One day she told me she is very upset with her hubby as he had hit her over something and that she wants to booze and talk.

I knew i had a chance of fucking her, I asked her if it was ok with her we could hire a room in one of the hotel and sit there and booze and she was like OK do anything but she needs to be with me. Finally we decide the place to meet she would pick me up from. The hotel was just outside Khar station many mumbaikars might know this hotel which is just next to Uturn restaurant.

Before she came to pick me up i purchased our drinks and she came on time. When i saw her my jaws almost dropped. She was wearing a low cut tee shirt with most of her juicy boobs showing up and i was amazed to see them. I almost could not remove my eyes from there and she called my name and i realised i was still on the road standing and when i saw her she gave me an awesome smile and i understood the chick is ready for me and i wont have to do Indian married women sex. I asked the taxi driver to where we wanted to go.

We immediately proceeded for the hotel, booked and went to our room. The rooms were pathetic but we did not care. She immediately hugged me tight and and we got into a smooch. And let me tell you she was an awesome kisser we kissed like we both were sex starved for another 15 minutes. At last we stopped kissing and Indian married women sex on the bed and she was Indian married women sex lets start boozing.

I opened her drink mixed her drink to her satisfaction and i opened my beer and we started boozing. Now let me tell you how does she look. She is thick but i knew thicker the gal the more intense the sex turns. She has a figure of and her boobs are really great. She had almost like 1 quarter of vodka and i had 1.

Finally after boozing while we were kissing i made my move and inserted my hands in her tee shirt and was moving my hands on her back. Finally opened her bra and we stopped kissing.

I pushed her on bed and made her lie down. I was lying besides her and pushed my hands inside her tees. And caught hold of her boobs and pressed them as hard as possible and she was already moaning in pleasure. I asked her to remove her tee and i removed Indian married women sex and i started biting and sucking her boobs and she was playing with my dick which was still inside the jeans and was to its full glory of 7 inches. We were in our birth suits soon Her pussy was shining as she had just today shaved it and i straight away proceeded to suck her, While i was sucking her she was moaning as if it was her first time she was being sucked.

She told me she has never done it with her hubby but she will give me. To tell you frankly i did not enjoy it at all so with less then a min of her into sucking i asked her to stop and climber over her to start fucking her in missionary. I was between her legs and rubbing my Dick on her pussy for 2 mins, she was turning hotter Suddenly she started abusing me and asked me to start the act she wanted Indian married women sex dick deep inside her.

I started penetrating her first few inches went in easily as she was well lubricated but then after i was almost half in she was bit of in pain as i Indian married women sex much longer then her hubby finally i thrushed my penis inside in one jerk and she she shouted to be gentle.

Finally i was full in and i stopped so that she is out of the Indian married women sex. Finally she was ok and i started fucking her slowly and she was loving the size.

She was continuously biting her lips and moaning at the same time. At last i started increasing my speed Adult gallery in indian nude woman yahoo was going at my full speed. Even after fucking her for 15 mins non Indian married women sex i was shit tired and sweating could not cum and by that time she had thoroughly enjoyed she asked me what happened and why cant i cum. Finally i moaned loudly and came deep inside her.

I wanted round 2 but the time was already 4. We kissed again and left the hotel. She dropped me midway from Indian married women sex i could walk 5 to 10 mins for my home and she went her ways promising to meet up soon for the Indian married women sex encounter. So this is the start of my new and exciting relationship with her. We have met almost 7 to 8 times untill now and still going strong.

Would love to get your replies at my email address raul. I am open to meeting more gals or bhabhis who want a good and awesome sex life. I am open to meeting new females for nsa or one night stands. Couples who want to see their wifes getting fucked can also email me. Secrecy is assured and expected.

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