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Me too, he encouraged me to wear it without panties or underwear especially on vacations and night club, he is so libral and sexy. Agulay2 yup, we're both happy and he loves it when I wear anything short that shows off my legs. Same Girl wearing skirt no panties you, I don't wear underneath, if I wear then online Vstring or Gstring.

Once or twice in a mini skirt, but that was a bit too risky if I bent down. More often in a longer skirt though, I like to feel 'free'. Agulay2 both. Agulay2 Don't wear micro minis too often but there's a real thrill when Girl wearing skirt no panties wearing any panties under a short skirt.

Isn't Girl wearing skirt no panties I had never problem at all, but I don't wear always sometimes short shorts, mini dress so on. My boyfriend love it when I wear micro mini skirt or mini dress or crop top so on, we do Girl wearing skirt no panties a lot on vacations too. Thank you advice. Agulay2 i'm sure look so sexy in something skimpy!! Agulay2 What are you wearing right now? I am wearing at the moment tight fitting micro mini skirt and flashback midriff top, gorgeous boobs bit exposure and my skirt is hipster at same time high heels sandal and ofcourse without panties, reason behind is have to attend a party with boss afterwards.

Agulay2 Liking boobs exposure and no panties :. I don't wear Girl wearing skirt no panties with skirt and dress even though my skirts and dress are so short, I love it my boyfriend encarged me to being commando.

Girl's Behavior. Do you ever go without underwear? If so, how often? Do you go without wearing long or short skirt? Vote A. Many times. Vote B. Some times. Vote C. Vote D. I will complete your dare. Vote E. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. Girls only: Would you dare to wear a skirt without panties?

Add Opinion. The only time I go commando is when I'm in my house clothes and going somewhere that I don't need to change, like grocery shop or brief visits at cousin's house.

Basically when I'm out for a short time for a Girl wearing skirt no panties work and don't feel the need to change. Girl wearing skirt no panties I am fully clothed modestly in shapeless clothes, no one really knows it. Changing to fetch some onions from a neighbor's house is absurd. Is comfortable with no panty.

Wearing underwear all the time is harmful for health. The look on his face was a picture to treasure, the bill very quickly paid, and the rest I shall leave to your imagination. Sign Up Now! Related Questions. Show All.

Guys - Is it unattractive for a girl to be Girl wearing skirt no panties shy in person but a bouncy goof online? Is this girl a bad girlfriend? Girls, Sexy girls node hot your opinion, why some of you always say that you have a boyfriend even though you do not when a guy tries to reach you out? What Girls Said I don't wear underwear but wearing an extremely short skirt without underwear is not a good idea, that's just asking for and embarrassing moment to happen.

You could trip or need to bend and who ever is in the area just got a front row seat and view of your ass and cookies.

Pants and long dresses are okay but short skirts? Don't do it. I do that in my house and if Spread wide open pussy pics wearing a long skirt. If it's a short skirt then no. It's just good to let 'down there' breathe.

We went to a rave concern this summer to Girl wearing skirt no panties I wore a pretty short mini dress with no panties. You Black swinger wife free videos happy? He love you when you wear? Kait Xper 5. I Girl wearing skirt no panties wear underwear in general so yeah I've done it. Me never wear with skirt or dress. I often go without underwear, but not while wearing a skirt. Yeah, Girl wearing skirt no panties worn a dress without panties before.

I was meeting up with a guy to have sex and it made things easier lol. I ended up staining a seat though, I was pretty wet after that. I never would. I ain't a hoe. Not dissing anyone who does. I just don't need to be flashing anyone. Well when it's windy I don't want to flash people. Xper 7. I have worn a skirt or mostly a dress without Girl wearing skirt no panties underneath often Only if it's long enough or tight enough to not get blown up in the wind.

I've gone pantyless to be more of a tease and bring easier access to my S. I man spread like there's no tomorrow. I could never not wear underwear in public. Share more. Bow you feel after not wearing panties? Don't try to skew the perception of decency Dare isn't a word for this And no, I wouldn't. Absolutely not. Firstly, I don't wear skirts, secondly that's just weird and thirdly why would someone not wear panties. Thia18 Xper 7. Very rarely do I wear a skirt. And I have a legitimate reason to wear underwear.

If you go without undies and your periods are irregular, your asking for a surprise and a mess. I don't wear skirts that short anyways so when I go without panties nothing shows. Meh, I've done it before but it's not something I ever really do. Xper 6. Never, that's crazy.

Not only underwear, I always have to wear shorts under a skirt. Done it many times. But never in a very short skirt like your first photo. I go with short skirt too and feel great. I am a 15 year old girl. I love dancing. I always wear short skirt with leotard. Just like this. And i sometimes wear Lolita dress also with tights.

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