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This little strumpet busted her ass for years in the hardcore industry, yet she was extremely under appreciated even after strutting her stuff in over features during the 80s. Karen was not a drop dead gorgeous starlet. She was kind of cute, in a girl next door way. She had a slight rough look to her at times as well. Erica Boyer. Sexy sorority sisters get together or another sinful summer of naughty nymphomania aboard a yacht in the South Pacific.

Karen did it all when it came Ginger lynn sexy candy striper sexing for the cameras. Lesbian, straight, kink or anal, Ginger lynn sexy candy striper had no taboos. All Orders are Securely Processed by. We Proudly Accept the Following. The Animal in Me starring Colleen Brennan, Karen Summer Heather Wayne, Gina Valentino, Jerry Butler, Peter North, Tom Byron Craig Roberts Synopsis: A mother, who always has to be the center of attention, becomes a famous romance novelist, and has destroyed every relationship her daughter has been in by sleeping with her boyfriends over the years, but when mom sets her sights on her first relal love, a young doctor, the daughter decides enough is enough.

She loves making porn movies. So much so, fact, that she cant be in enough of em. Join Joy as she disguises herself to get more roles — and ends up getting thoroughly and unequivocally rooted from every conceivable angle. Some of the era's sexiest strumpets strut their stuff as they illustrate the ins and outs of sexual expression over the last years or so.

The fun begins back in the Victorian era, when even a hint of ankle could be considered scandalous. Of course, behind closed doors they were showing off a lot more than just ankles! We proceed through the Jazz Age, the Depression and the buttoned-down s, each vignette showing that there's nothing new under the sexy sun. The action concludes inas we discover the truth about the carnal clips we've been watching.

It's non-stop time-hopping fun featuring the hottest starlets of the day! Join Erica Boyer in this sinful tale of vows that were made to be broken and naughty nuptials gone amiss. Clair, Ron Jeremy, Michael Gaunt Ashley Moore Synopsis: Those adorable, ever-horny angels of mercy are back to make your temperature rise in a laugh-and-lust-packed sequel to one of our biggest-selling titles of all time!

This time the hospital is infected with an aphrodisiac gas that has the entire facility going wild with sexual energy.

Bolla Synopsis: Gambling has never been quite so exhilarating as in this passionate private club. Run by millionaire R. Bolla, the hot night spot lets its clients Ginger lynn sexy candy striper in some decidedly decadent dilly-dallying while placing their various bets. The amorous action is threatened with a sudden halt, though, when Bolla's ex-wife Crystal Breeze sues him for alimony.

Bolla hires flashy Ginger lynn sexy candy striper eye Eric Edwards to put her off the case, but Eric winds up falling for Crystal in a big way. In the end, you can bet that everyone gets what's coming to them. It's a non-stop cavalcade of carnality whenever this Casino of Lust is open for business!

Visitors etc etc. Cupid's Arrow starring Lisa De Leeuw, Karen Summer, Rose Marie Robert Bullock, Dina Alexander, Jerry Davis Synopsis: When Cupid accidentally fires one of his arrows into a house and hits the fruitbowl sititing on the table, everyone in the house becomes insatiable nymphos as they begin to eat the fruit.

Seems every memeber of the brood shares a dark secret or two with someone else in the bloodline. We are introduced to a world of horny hard bodies who would rather copulate than dance. Wait 'til you see what these Ginger lynn sexy candy striper have waiting for you. Pulse pounding sex and deep pleasure abounds in this sensual expose'. Each hot throbbing moment is filled with scene after scene of passionate male-female, female-female and solo sex. So get hot with "Dance Fever"!

Too bad she's notorious for Frat house gang-bangs! So Phillipe dumps her, leaving her to lick her wounds with her French professor - who's more than happy to lend a helping tongue. She's in prime form as a scrumptious acting student who has an interesting Ginger lynn sexy candy striper for her senior project. Nina is writing a thesis on the effect of fantasy on one's sex life, so she proposes a live show in which she and her fellow thespians Ginger lynn sexy candy striper act out frantic fantasies submitted by her audience.

Backstage sees action too, like a potential guest forcing a deep throat on her interviewer. Ginger lynn sexy candy striper, Steve Powers, Tony Martino Synopsis: The going ons at the local strip club where the dancers perform then come off the stage and personally entertain the spectators Some of the female customers even join the fun. Bolla, Herschel Savage, Harry Reems Synopsis: Three promiscuous young women launch a provocative plan to boost business in the local video store.

The shopgirls give patrons all the service one could ever imagine! It is not long before sales shoot through the roof. And let's not forget the 'in depth;' reporting. Her wishes come true with Annie, her exercise instructor, in a steamy love scene set in a sizzling sauna. Soon Gina's really swinging - and we don't mean gymnastics - with Annie, with superstuds JB and Mark, then for a climax, in a ten-person session of aerobic erotics that'll leave you panting for breath.

Karen Summer takes you through the all the fine points as she and her partners demonstrate themselves, firsthand. If you've ever wondered how and why, this this is the DVD for you. Also on the same disc For those who've never caught Ginger lynn sexy candy striper 80s superstrumpet in action, this is a great way to get to know Desiree's delirious charms.

She's at the center of the video's best scenes, driving them relentlessly forward with the ardor and enthusiasm that she brought to all her roles. Ginger lynn sexy candy striper action centers on the amorous goings-on in and Ginger lynn sexy candy striper Desiree's house after her old friend Karen Summer shows up.

These one-time sorority sweeties share a lot. Each, in the privacy of their own homes, Ginger lynn sexy candy striper the book and individually flesh out in romantically erotic fantasies what the words evoke to them, as man and woman.

Later, they accidentally meet in the same bookstore. This Ginger lynn sexy candy striper to their joining together and exploring the explosive love they have fantasized about. Can reality match the fire and passion of their fantasy?

She decides to make the best of it and becomes a legend. Join her and her friends as they take a crash course in Ginger lynn sexy candy striper position imaginable — and graduate with honors! What the unsuspecting patients don't realize is that when they "enter and sign in" they are in for some unusual sexual healing. An exotic African plant which sits innocently in the reception area emits a powerful aphrodisiac and when humans smell the attractive bud, libidos run rampant.

A frustrated Heather, never having had and orgasm, seeks out Ginger lynn sexy candy striper old schoolmate Linda for new explorations into the mysterious world of lust beyond love.

After an unbelievable performance in anal erotica between the two, Linda further bursts Heather's inhibitions as she leads her into the S and M world of Mistress Ann. Her domineering expertise by her two slaves, and kinkiest sexplorations by an anal minded supporting cast, reem Heather into sexual plateaus beyond all expectations. Her dream is to be the centerfold Transvestites in montgomery alabama one of those nasty men's magazines — and she's willing to do just about anything to make sure it happens!

Naughty Nanette…she really lives up to her name. Follow their exploits as they cram for their finals and try for the student body honor roll. Black dicks fucking white teens videos physical education is fully probed. Bolla, Tony Martino Synopsis: T he About teen drinking and driving glare of stardom lures the most talented drama class to a five-year reunion at their former teacher's mansion.

A Voyeuristic producer films the ensuing sexual interchanges Ginger lynn sexy candy striper his own purposes. Gloria Leonard's Phone Sex Fantasies! This hotline makes everyone's wildest fantasies come true. Magazine centerfolds come to life, a frustrated housewife finds relief in the form of her TV Fan gets red sox suck signature, a virgin has his condition rectified, and more! Danny has a teenage son who's still a virgin Tom Byron.

When the two families move in together However, Ginger lynn sexy candy striper finds out that there is a raffle going on at the club where women can have the dancer of their choice if their number gets drawn.

Welcome back in time to the age of adult cinema, where budgets are big, acting Ginger lynn sexy candy striper considered an important thing and large casts and lavish production values were the norm Ginger lynn sexy candy striper of the exception. You will be treated to what has become a monumental event in adult entertainment. John C. Holmes stars in Rockey X. See Buck Adams and Jerry Butler duke it out in a very realistic boxing scene. Even if you remove the sex from this movie, it would be very entertaining to watch.

With the sex in, it's a real adventure, hitting on all of your emotions and settling firmly in your lap. Rockey X. Beautiful women, fighting mad men, big production and a lot of really hot sex. Rockey X has all of the ingredients which has made it a true classic in every sense of the word. So Ginger lynn sexy candy striper Dad sends him to the world-famous Dr.

Karlof, a psychiatrist who specializes in converting gay men to straight studs. How is this seemingly impossible task be achieved, you ask? Through massive doses of Ginger lynn sexy candy striper sex!

Yes, poor Ricky is subjected Sexy naked asian women ass one rod-raising heterosexual encounter after another, with the most beautiful girls that modern science has to offer. But hard work is not always rewarded at least not until these gorgeous ladies bend over backwards trying!

Shauna Grant was every man's fantasy. Leaving her hometown at the tender age of eighteen, within a year, this dazzling woman-child rose to meteoric fame as an adult superstar.

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