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Ooo goody, a shoot I've been eagerly anticipating ever since first seeing Mykala in her Beautiful amateur busty girls IM and now only a few days to go:bigsmile: tom. Beautiful and delightful Mykala, what a charmer. All the curves in the right places. Once in awhile a model stands out more, one that has something special about her, and I really think that Mykala is one of those, really outstanding girl.

More please. Okay, hands down, Mykala is my favourite model at Abby Winters. There are a great many equally beautiful and attractive young women on the site, but Mykala is a girl, if I came into contact, I would ask out on a date, no question probably get turned down She's just my type.

I do favour pubic hair, but it isn't a big deal; especially when a lady is, in my opinion, so perfect. If Mykala's personality is as warm and friendly and sweet as she looks, well, wow. Since her IM I've been looking forward to her solo shoot to admire Galleries of abby winters mykala amazing looks.

It seems that I'm just one of her many fans. The few days have come and gone and this much anticipated shoot has arrived and by gosh it a beautiful arrival indeed. The relative simplicity of the setting provides a fine backdrop to Mykala' beauty, allowing for no distraction from it, not that anything could really distract from her gorgeousness.

A gorgeousness, that with her lovely smile and sparkling blue eyes is beautifully photographed by Charli in a set that is a delight to view and for which my thanks are due to her, the team and Mykala, to whom I also offer my congratulations on this her solo debut, my sense of Galleries of abby winters mykala now switches to the video.

Mykala I was awaiting your set hour by hour and minute by minute. I saw it once it was posted. I immediately commented on your thread. Now I am commenting again after I cooled down.

I have waited for long to see your lovely long brown hair, to see your adorable wide blue eyes, your lovely smile, your adorable face, your delicious boobs and nipples, your slim body, your gorgeous long legs, Galleries of abby winters mykala gorgeous fantastic ass, and above all your juicy shaved delicious pussy. Thank you very very much for the explicit shots of your divine pussy.

Mykala you are absolutely stunning. Thankyou so much for allowing us Galleries of abby winters mykala share that beauty. Please come back soon!! Some words of Keats come to mind "[ Then I felt like some watcher of the skies When a new planet swims into his ken;[ Beautifully shot by Patience,the video is replete with fine scenes, those where Mykala sits on the the yellow stool and those where she stands back against the wall, the camera playing longingly over her lovely form are particularly delightful.

My thanks to Patience,the team and Mykala, of whom I hope there are more shoots in the vaults and that she is able to do some shoots in Amsterdam. I just love Mykala's eyes, they could light up the room as soon as she enters. Stunning girl.

What a beauty. Pleased do a lot of shoots for AW. Uh huh! Darling personality too! When she was mentioning parts of her body that got compliments, she Galleries of abby winters mykala mention her legs. Mykala's gams are awesome! With all due respect for the Adult fan fiction aff net tastes of the AW crew and some of us members.

The perfection of Mykala was slightly diminished only by her 'five o'clock shadow'. I strongly prefer pubic hair, have learned to not mind a bald mons, and am not a fan of stubble. However, for me Mykala's personality and overall physical appeal made this a non-issue. Also, there Galleries of abby winters mykala likely some people with inverse preferences from mine, so it's good to have diversity.

Mykala is amazing beautiful, but we all knew this from her IM debute :cool: Wonderful shoot, William. As long as the ratio remains 2 out of every 3 unshaven, then the original concept of AW Galleries of abby winters mykala intact. Mykala - striking electric blue eyes and a watt smile. My comments always seem to describe what the performer does for me. I find it difficult to straight-out rate a woman on some sort of scale. With that in mind I think Mykala is attractive. I especially like her pictures because each one captures a certain expresssion.

That " watt" smile makes me feel electrified. Casgrain said it right "more please". All rights reserved.

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