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Thomann said the hotel would have all windows and doors draped off for the weekends, with nudity optional on all grounds, except in the clothing-mandatory lobby. Thomann says chief Nicholson sent a letter to a restaurant attached the hotel on Oct. Thomann says he was prepared to require attendees to wear clothes to Nude big blood pussy photo event to avoid legal conflict with the Camp ncn black river falls wi, but that the hotel instead canceled their contract on Nov.

In a phone interview, Thomann said Great Lakes Management fired the general manager of the hotel over the incident, despite 18 years of service. NCN wound up canceling the event because it could not find an alternate venue in time, according to its website.

Thomann declined over the phone to name the hotel hosting his event. He does not anticipate selling out the party, a first in over four years of business Camp ncn black river falls wi the Madison venue. Whether the remaining takeovers occur at all is uncertain, Thomann said. It hosts biker-themed events, live music and specialty events based on gender, sexual preference and kinks throughout the year. Specifically, Thomann said the ages range from 23 to 70, ant that lawyers and doctors are among the mostly upper-middle-class professionals participating.

Thomann is listed as pro se in the official case record, but says Middleton lawyer Michael Collins will likely represent him if the case goes to trial. The guest services manager at the Best Western said she had no information about the lawsuit and was the only person available, but agreed to take a message asking for comment.

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