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Viewers of the tasteless reality TV show were shown a life we've never heard of before. It followed the secret lives of different American Gypsies every week, and quite frankly, most North Americans had no idea that Gypsies were still a real thing.

We were quickly introduced to two cultures; Romani-Americans and Irish Travelers. Big fat american gypsy wedding learned about their customs, their behaviors, and their ways of life. Although the show was canceledit was still broadcasted for four years, giving audiences everywhere their own judgments on the Gypsy culture. Here are 15 problems that this TLC show has shared with millions. If anyone has watched the show sadly, I am one of the thousands that has been entranced by this showyou'll notice that TLC depicts the two cultures similarly.

Almost like rival gangs. The only problem is, these two cultures aren't similar in the slightest, and real Gypsies living today are extremely offended by the comparisons. One Romani student Big fat american gypsy wedding to write a letter to the British station that hosts their version of the show, and puts the show in its place Big fat american gypsy wedding it comes to the two cultures.

The show teaches us that Gypsy women culturally get married at a young age. And by the looks of the show — the younger, the better. There are girls as young as 13 saying they can't wait to Big fat american gypsy wedding married in a few years, which is terrifying to think about as an adult woman myself.

And once these women do find a mate and get married — their education doesn't only take a backseat, it completely ends. However, what most viewers don't realize is, education doesn't end because marriage is now in the picture, it slowly fades because of issues with the outside community. TheList explains on Gypsy's point of view, saying " Both teachers and students seem ignorant of our cultures, thus we are labelled as troublemakers and bullied for being different.

The men go to work, while the women stay home to clean, Big fat american gypsy wedding, and take care of the children. And while that may work well for some households, not every single Gypsy woman aspires to be a homemaker. Moreover, my sister trained to be a hairdresser, my aunty went to university and is now a social worker and some Chelsea french nude model my cousins completed apprenticeships, thus clearly dropping out of education is not a prerequisite of living in a trailer.

I'm actually glad we're talking about this point, because those who watch the show are constantly shocked by how much money the Gypsy folk seem to have. And then they pay even more for the actual party. While this may be the case for some Gypsies there's clearly enough for a showmany Gypsies aren't so financially blessed.

The New Republic reported that "Today, [Roma] tend to live in dire poverty, often in shantytowns outside major cities in Central and Eastern Europe. I swear, every single bride walks into Sondra Celli's office and says they want the biggest and baddest dress Sondra has ever created before.

Big fat american gypsy wedding are made from seashells, others are made out of real flowers, and most of them have SO many layers that the Big fat american gypsy wedding can't even sit-down or dance.

Now, call me crazy, but wouldn't you want to move freely on your wedding day? Wouldn't you want to take a seat whenever you wanted? Since I was just talking about Gypsy women and their wedding dresses, it's time to talk about the ultimate and incredibly talented dress designer, Miss Sondra Celli.

In fact, I'm fairly certain she has Big fat american gypsy wedding sort of deal with TLC to be the sole designer of the gowns featured. And while most of the dresses she creates are However, it's interesting that these traveling families Big fat american gypsy wedding go to someone in their own culture to design their dresses. Maybe someone who is more affordable.

Well, on the show these women might visit Sondra, but in real life, there are plenty of locals who can do a fine damn job, too. Okay, now let's get back to how these "happily ever after" moments seem oddly romantic, but the real world says otherwise. Like all cultures, marriages differ.

While the TLC show leads us to believe that these trashy 16 year olds are ready for adulthood, parenting, and marriage, their actual age says otherwise. Why would TLC or the British version ever pass this ad as positive? It's embarrassing and totally ignorant. The women pictured aren't women at all — they're young girls, made out to be older Big fat american gypsy wedding looking for attention. It's sad, really. They won't let our kids mix with theirs because they say we stink and don't talk properly.

Settled kids won't even play sports with ours in case they touch them. To add to this mother's claims, you could do a popular Twitter or Tumblr search to see everyone else's thoughts Big fat american gypsy wedding the show and their culture in general. Word to the curious: it's not good. It's not good at all. Now, I consider myself a very open minded person. However, even I was appalled by some of the behavior I saw on this show. Men were sexualizing their daughters, young teenage girls were fighting over boys, and mothers were practically forcing their children to leave school.

It's an outright disaster to watch. After seeing how aggressive and agitated these Gypsies were, it wasn't surprising that I heard this culture gets themselves into a whole lot of trouble in real life. But they end up in prison mostly for burglary, theft, and alcohol related occurrences. Now, as sad as this sounds, I have seen a whole lot of episodes from this television series. WTF is a grabbing ritual?

Well, the show makes it out to be this very common occurrence, where a man pretty much gets a "free pass" on kissing any woman he's trying to court. UM, they might call this a "ritual" in Gypsy lingo, but here in North America, we call that sexual assault. You can't just grab any woman you want just because you're trying to convince her to like you. Kissing and any form of intimacy should be consensual.

A year-old Gypsy girl first heard about the so called ritual on the show and was immediately perplexed. I wouldn't put up with it, and I don't know why they made out we all do it.

It's just one nasty boy they showed. One of the best parts about the show is seeing the dresses the young ladies end up with. Though the show mainly shows women looking for unique wedding dresses, other girls are looking for birthday dresses or special occasion outfits. But do they all dress scantily? Considering the women aren't supposed to kiss or sleep with men before marriage, their entire image contradicts their morals.

But as we can see throughout this article, it's yet another fad to the TV show and not very realistic. And while the shows claim most of those on the show are, in fact, Irish travelers, it seems that's not necessarily true. The majority, like myself, are in fact Romany, yet your 'documentary' seems to ignore our existence.

Sadly, this show did so well on television because it was naturally dramatic. Between the weddings, lifestyles, and unique way of life, fights and disagreements were bound to occur. Unfortunately, these little spats weren't just for the show. It's not just Gypsies hurting Gypsies, it's random folk hurting Gypsies. Pip the Gypsy explained, "We suffer from discrimination on a daily basis and our human rights have historically been violated, yet you deem it acceptable to broadcast a misleading 'documentary' that has been made not to raise awareness of our plight but for entertainment.

We are not a joke, we are human beings and your work of fiction is only strengthening stereotypes and ignorance. As sad as that is to read, the show seems to have done nothing but promote violence against this culture.

This GIF makes me cringe. A lot of the women on the show if you can even call them women — these are young girls dress extremely provocatively. Not only that, but they're very aggressive with men, just so they can be courted and soon married. It's infuriating to watch. Especially when mothers are piling making up on their young girls. As if I needed to verify this fact; it's obvious both the TLC and British versions of this show are completely offensive to the Gypsy culture.

Facts are Big fat american gypsy wedding, customs are smudged, and Big fat american gypsy wedding drama does nothing but degrade these different cultures.

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