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It takes place in My wife Penny and I have been married for two years. We've been dating for five. I first met her at The Cheesecake Factory years ago. I ordered some pie She was Nudist teen girls crimea some scientist named Leonard at the time.

She cheated on him regularly, but The big bang theory penny nackt had no clue. We fooled around behind his back for a couple of years, before she dumped him and we started dating. I moved in with her four years ago. We get along great. Penny and I are sexual soulmates.

We are made for each other. We party Penny's talked about starting a family. She really wants to have a bunch of kids with me and be a stay at home mom. I'm thinking about it. Penny's so beautiful.

My wife is a walking, talking Penny's told me about her sexual adventures she's had over the years with her friends. She and I are very open about our sex lives. We live across the hall from Amy and Sheldon. A unique couple. Penny's been friends with them longer than me.

Sheldon was here when she moved in. Penny told me that she wondered why Sheldon never hit The big bang theory penny nackt her. She thought he was gay She found out later on that he wasn't gay One Saturday before we met, Penny was in the laundry room, drying her clothes. Sheldon came in. Saturday is laundry day.

He's very regimented about everything Penny had in a tight pink tank top She also had in pink and white striped short track shorts and pink flip flops. Her blonde hair was in pig tails. Laundry night huh? Your ability to state the very obvious is always quite amazing. The big bang theory penny nackt probably regret this I just wanted to ask, because I've been having weird dreams lately.

Sometimes his mother Beverly as well. She never thought Sheldon though about sex at all. He always said that coitus Penny looked at Sheldon, not only shocked What did you do?

What did we do? What did Beverly and you do? He had a hardon in his beige pants Her eyes widened Penny smiled, licking her lips slowly.

Her pink nipples hardened immediately, in her pink tank top. You and Leonard were having coitus in his bed And i I mean Penny thought that was sweet. She calmly reached over and rubbed his huge bulge, through his pants. Penny's eyes widened even more.

As big as the bulge already was It was still growing. She unzipped Sheldon's pants and pulled out the biggest cock she had ever seen. Penny's jaw dropped. Leonard could come in here and catch us any moment.

Leonard is on the phone talking to his mom. He'll be busy for awhile. It's just you and me Penny just smiled, licking her pink, glossy lips, imagining that massive organ stuffed in her horny holes.

You can leave Leonard out of it. The big bang theory penny nackt me what you did to me. It felt so good. Thinking of the feeling of Penny's amazing mouth sucking his massive cock You mean like this? She kissed it Sheldon smiled approvingly. Penny slobbered all over the head, swirling her tongue over every inch, spending extra time on the sensitive underside. Sheldon's cock jumped in her mouth. Penny giggled and sucked him deeper Sheldon grabbed Penny's pigtails and shoved his The big bang theory penny nackt cock deep down her throat, gagging Penny.

Her saliva poured out. Sheldon pushed deeper, his entire 11 and a half inches down her throat. Sheldon fucked Penny's throat hard and fast. Penny pulled off of his cock and vomited on the floor. I'm sorry I'm fine sweetie. Fuck my mouth hard! The big bang theory penny nackt meanThe big bang theory penny nackt already made a mess here on the Bare escentuals asian skin Sheldon grabbed Penny's head and plunged his massive dick into her mouth and throat pounding it so ducking hard, slamming down Penny's throat, smirking deviously the whole fucking time.

Penny pulled off of Sheldon's cock four times, gagging, vomiting on the floor each time. She fucking loves rough sex. Penny pulled her titties through her pink top, pinching her perky, pink nipples hard. She shook her nipples, while she took the rough throat fucking from Sheldon and his humongous cock. Penny screamed around the cock, cumming in her shorts.

I think I'm gonna Penny moaned happily and looked up at him, saliva and vomit on her face, swallowing every drop of thick jizz Sheldon pumped down her throat. He came and came and came. Penny couldn't believe the amount of cum he dumped down her throat. She drank it all. Sheldon finally pulled out of Penny's mouth, stings of cum and vomit stretching from his huge cock to Penny's lips.

It was definitely messy coitus. Can we so The big bang theory penny nackt again sometime? She wanted more They spent the next hour in the laundry room fucking.

Sheldon fucked Penny's pussy silly with her sitting on the sorting table

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