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There are words that, when combined, have the power to create far more questions that answers, and not many are more intriguing than the phrase "nude cruise. Having heard for years about voyages large and small populated entirely by folks wearing nothing more than SPF-4, sunscreen, I wanted to find out more -- Sexy cuties twinks tumblr in the interest of thorough journalism, of course.

Imagine the benefits: no calculating outfits based on formal nights; no using the expensive laundry service on board; packing everything for a weeklong vacation in a fanny pack so to speak.

Instead of booking a trip nixed by both boss and wifeI Yuma asami hardcore pics Nancy Tiemann. Fifteen years ago, she and her husband, Tom, started Bare Necessities, the only travel company that charters entire ships for "the nudist populous.

The Tiemanns -- she was a banker, he was an attorney -- stumbled one day onto a nude beach by accident and, as Nancy puts it, "by the end of the Sexy cuties twinks tumblr, I didn't have a bathing suit on. Bare Necessities says it has customers who are actors, bus drivers, Fortune CEOs, soccer moms, doctors, teachers, priests and at least one Canadian Supreme Court justice.

The fact that everyone is naked, however, is "a real equalizer. Passengers can choose to be nude anywhere -- in the pool, at the blackjack table, while singing Sexy cuties twinks tumblr -- with the exception of the formal dining room, where clothes are required, but that can be as little as a T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. Ship officials raise the temperature on board for nude groups.

Passengers also have to be covered when the ship Sexy cuties twinks tumblr into ports, mostly because local authorities have to board to clear the ship.

Basic nudist etiquette is that you always sit on something, typically a towel. The cruise line happily provides the towels. This is one of the most frequently asked questions, Tiemann said. In almost all cases, the answer is no. Bare Necessities meets with ship crews in advance to address questions and concerns. We tell them that it's a wonderful exercise in making eye contact. Woman ask about safety and want to know that it isn't a sex cruise. Said Tiemann: "Woman usually have more questions.

Men are raring Sexy cuties twinks tumblr go. While passengers are naked, it isn't about sex. Another rule of nudist etiquette: Don't do anything outside your cabin that you would do outside your home. Men do ask, however, what happens if they get, er, ahem, aroused. Tiemann said in 15 years she's never seen it happen, but that if it does, simply use the handy towel.

For more information on Bare Necessities cruises, call or go to www. Related Stories. Naked truths about nude cruises. TravelSkills Weekly Newsletter Destinations, recommendations, travel tips Sexy cuties twinks tumblr more. You agree to our Terms of Use. Your information will be used as described in our Privacy Notice. Sign up. Most Popular. His parents have been arrested on a manslaughter charge.

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