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She serves as the primary love interest to Tsukune Aonowho is the only human enrolled in a school of monsters. In the Japanese version of the anime, her voice actress is Nana Mizukiwho is also responsible for performing the theme songs for both anime seasons. In the English version, Moka's outer personality is voiced by Alexis Tipton[1] while her inner personality is voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard. In an interview at Lucca ComicsIkeda said he is a big fan of Tim Burton and was inspired by his works, including The Nightmare Before Christmasand particularly Edward Scissorhands because the monster has a sensitive soul.

He had also researched various monsters from encyclopedias and the Internet. He started with his passion for vampires, and the concept of a beautiful girl vampire with a crucifix around her neck. He credits her and the other female characters for the series' popularity.

Moka's name is based on the word " mocha ", which is a mixed coffee drink with cocoa. Her sisters have similar drink-based names. Moka is described as having two distinct personalities. The outer one manifests when she is wearing her rosary, while her inner one comes out when the rosary is removed. At her debut in Yokai Academy's high school, she is immediately revered for her natural good looks and her academic Rosario vampire moka naked, having placed in the teens out Rosario vampire moka naked several hundred students on one of their exams.

Prior to the series, she is distrustful of humans, having spent much of her life in the human world, including middle school where she is shunned by her fellow students. In the manga's second serialization, Tsukune and the gang learn that Moka's appearance is that of her mother Akasha Bloodriver.

Moka's inner personality is shown to Rosario vampire moka naked a more feminine side when she spent a day with Tsukune, similar to the outer half. As a newborn, she is injected with blood from Akasha in order to save her life. The "First Ancestor" blood that she acquires enables her to have tremendous strength and regeneration, but can only be acquired by transfusion and not by heredity. When Akasha is attacked and seemingly killed by her stepsister AquaMoka snaps where her First Ancestor blood is awaken, which inadvertently awakens the Vampire Lord Alucard as their blood is synchronized with him.

To prevent her daughter from being Rosario vampire moka naked by Alucard so that she can have a normal life, Akasha uses a rosary to seal Moka's First Ancestor blood, and creates a pseudo-personality, "Outer" Moka, so that her inner personality can sleep. Akasha designs for Moka's inner personality Rosario vampire moka naked occasionally awaken when Rosario vampire moka naked rosario is removed Rosario vampire moka naked a person who truly cares about her.

Only Tsukune can remove the rosario safely, but Moka is also able, albeit with potentially fatal side-effects. Moka's rosary was the only thing that her mother left behind after she disappeared.

It was originally believed that Moka's rosary sealed her true vampiric powers. However, when Moka and her friends went to Hong Kong to see Tohofuhai, the Second Dark Lord, about fixing the rosary, Tohofuhai discovered that the rosary does not actually seal Moka's powers.

Much to his surprise, it seals away Moka's memories. The whole point of sealing Inner Moka is to seal away her First Ancestor Blood, which is linked to Alucard's powers, and can only be removed by a person who truly cares for her, in other words, Tsukune.

She was also able to bypass the seal on her Rosario when witnessing what she thought to be Kurumu and Mizore slain by Aqua's Dimension Sword technique. That was what caused the seal to break, and gave Gyokuro the ability to forcefully remove her cross, when normally only Tsukune could.

Ikeda draws Moka with long, pink hair and green eyes. Her inner personality, when manifested, is drawn Rosario vampire moka naked silver hair and red eyes. At the beginning of the series, Moka's inner personality mocks Tsukune for his personality, but as the series progresses, she shows an interest in Tsukune by letting him hold her hand in the manga, although this was Rosario vampire moka naked so he could learn how to sense when monsters such as her jealous Jennifer aniston topless movie scene and friends attack.

In each of the episodes in the anime series, when Moka's rosario is removed, there is Rosario vampire moka naked transformation sequence where she becomes a "super-vampire". She still has silver hair and red eyes with slit pupils, but undergoes physical changes to her body such as slightly larger hips and bust size. However, he found her alternate personality to be "pretty damn badass" and "a great addition to the show", opining that he wished her backstory was explained better.

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