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Hello, Beth! Congratulations on being selected as Miss August ! Thank you for taking time out Playboy playmate beth williams your busy schedule for a quick interview. How does it feel? Has Playboy playmate beth williams sunk in yet? Beth: Being a Playmate has always been a dream of mine. While it must have been difficult, what motivated you to keep going?

Beth: Education is very important to me. Playboy playmate beth williams degree came before everything else.

What began this interest in carrying on the tradition? Beth: At a young age I decided I wanted to go into some sort of health field. I love to help people. However, I have a business-orientated personality; therefore, I decided to go into health administration.

Do you have any advice for beginning models? Beth: Get references on photographers before setting up a shoot on your own. Also, EAT before a shoot — do not starve yourself. If you are hungry it will Playboy playmate beth williams in your photographs. STC: What about photographers?

Do you have any advice for them? Beth: I like when photographers give feedback while shooting. If they are completely quiet I get paranoid thinking I am doing something wrong! STC: Your centerfold photographer was Stephen Wayda who will also be at the seminar as an instructor.

What was it like working with him? Beth: I love Stephen! He knows the shot that he wants to capture and he gets it. I am honored that he shot my centerfold. STC: You travel quite a bit. Do you have any advice or suggestions for travelers, especially models? What would you tell someone traveling professionally for the first time? Beth: Set an alarm once you get to your gate if you arrive early! I once fell asleep at the gate once and missed my flight!

Also, pack healthy snacks. The airport is full of junk food. I love looking out of my window every morning and seeing deer drinking out of my pond. I am also a big cook, therefore, I love that I am able to have a Latest nigeria porn teen pussy garden. Beth: Honestly, I like switching it up. STC: You also work for an agency. Do you prefer fashion photography, or glamour?

Or a bit of both? Beth: I like both because they are completely different. I like to try new things that push me. STC: What do you think are your best features apart from having a great personality? Beth: I would say my best feature is my legs. I have booked several shoots because the client liked my legs!

Also, I am excited to meet new photographers and being able to help them. I would like the attendees to know that this is going to be a fun seminar and not to be shy!

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