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Summary: After watching a long-forgotten VHS tape they found in the Phineas and ferb candace sex comics, Phineas and Ferb decide to make an old-fashioned porno movie. Disclaimer: I do not own Phineas, Ferb, or any related characters. I received no financial compensation for writing this. Note: This story was written to be funny and true to the characters and yet wildly pornographic. Did it work? You be the judge.

Note numero dos: This story depicts the title characters and their same-age friends engaging in graphic sexual activity. If that Phineas and ferb candace sex comics you, time to stop reading. This would make for a nice surprise for their parents and, with any luck, provide some inspiration for their project for the day. That was how they found the old VHS tape at the very bottom of a long-unopened box. Their dad kept a VCR connected to the television to watch his old black-and-white monster movies and Pinhead Pierre videos, so the boys had popped the tape in and watched, mesmerized, for the next 80 minutes.

Or maybe carpenters. They were working in the back yard—Phineas building a movie set, Ferb composing on his synthesizer—when Isabella came through the back gate.

How about you round up some talent while Ferb and I finish up here? Isabella put her thumb over a glassy-looking button at the bottom of her sash. Phineas had always assumed that it was just there to hold the ends of the sash together.

Access granted. The button turned sideways and slid through a previously invisible buttonhole. This allowed Isabella to open the sash lengthwise to reveal a hidden matte-black lining. Light seemed to fall into it. He pointed to a cluster of three circles that stood out from the black fabric.

See you in a while! Standing before them, in the middle of the back yard, was a small, two-story pink house with three triangular symbols over the door. Is that going to be a problem? Phineas turned toward the small crowd and pointed to the pink house.

This will be one of our main sets. After the delivery man left, Phineas addressed the group. I hate cheesy double entendres! Isabella, who are you going to cast for the first scene? Isabella turned to the Fireside Girls. Minutes later, Buford was standing in the middle of the living room portion of the tri-Delta House set with a clapperboard. On the set, Holly and Gretchen descended Phineas and ferb candace sex comics stairs into the living room, which Phineas and Ferb had appointed with two couches, a couple of side tables, and even a chandelier.

Holly was dressed in a short red satin nightie that barely reached her thighs, and Gretchen was sporting a see-through baby-blue negligee and matching bikini panties that nicely showed off her cute little bottom.

Both girls wobbled a bit in their high-heeled shoes. The doorbell rang, and the girls opened the Phineas and ferb candace sex comics door to Face of nude bhabhis Ferb. Holly put the pizza box on the coffee table while Gretchen shut the door behind Ferb and pulled off her see-through negligee, fully revealing her little pink nipples and oval belly button.

She grabbed Ferb and pulled him in for a long, open-mouthed porno kiss. While they were at it, Holly pulled the thin straps of her red satin nightie down Phineas and ferb candace sex comics her shoulders, causing the garment to drop to the floor to expose her cute, slim body.

Holly seemed to be aware that Gretchen had a little crush on Ferb, because she let the smaller girl take the lead. While Phineas and ferb candace sex comics helped Ferb pull his shirt off, Gretchen Phineas and ferb candace sex comics down his pants and boxers and took hold of his penis, which stiffened almost instantly at her touch.

He turned to Isabella. Then Gretchen stopped for a moment to pull off her baby-blue undies, at which point Ferb seemed to remember that he needed to keep the action moving forward. He took a couple of steps back from the girls and, with acrobatic grace, flipped up into a handstand.

Then he hand-walked over to the naked Gretchen—eye-level with her vagina—and began licking her little bald slit. Gretchen sighed loudly, then remembered her lines. Holly, for her part, opened a side-table drawer and pulled out a vibrator.

She lay on the couch near the vertically ing couple and began to apply the tip of the vibe to her clit, moaning loudly. I wonder if people in the neighborhood can hear the yelling? Up in her room, Candace was still on the phone with Stacy when she thought she heard a scream. I think something bustable is happening in the back yard. Candace closed her phone and Phineas and ferb candace sex comics out the window to see a smallish, two-story pink Boroka cayenne klein feet in the middle of the back yard.

Surely nothing could go wrong this time. She grabbed the camera she had borrowed from Jeremy—waterproof, shockproof, and loaded with an empty memory card and fresh batteries—and took off on a pre-planned route that would get her into the back yard unseen.

She ran out the front door, halfway around the block, through the tall grass in the empty lot behind the house, and over the back fence, all without breaking a sweat. Those step aerobics were really paying off. She sneaked up to the back of the strange pink house and peered in through a window. There was her brother Ferb, buck-ass naked, swinging by his hands from a chandelier, while a girl in glasses had her naked front pressed against his, Phineas and ferb candace sex comics wrapped around his neck and legs around his waist.

Meanwhile, a cute, nude black girl was watching them from the couch, masturbating enthusiastically with a vibrator.

Stop looking! Every second you watch means another month in therapy someday! Having no other ideas, Candace slapped herself across the face, shocking herself out of her paralysis. She bolted for the back fence and leaped over Phineas and ferb candace sex comics, barely making contact with the wood. Then she dropped into a crouch behind the fence and whipped out her phone. Right now? For the whole day? Really not good. Ferb pointed to his bag, which was sitting on a chair next to Baljeet.

Baljeet reached in and pulled out a book. Baljeet pulled out a second book. The boy then pulled out a rectangular box. Finally, Baljeet pulled out a DVD case. Isabella went into the Green Room—really, the Flynn-Fletcher living room with some temporary green curtains and large green towels thrown over the couches.

Phineas had explained that this would provide a relaxing atmosphere while protecting the couches from porn-related stains. A few of the Fireside Girls were there, chatting. Any volunteers? Minutes later, the cast and crew met up in the garage. Half of it had been dressed to look like a pizzeria, while the other half was set up as an office.

Milly, now in charge of the clapperboard, stepped in front the camera. Just then, the door to the back office flew open to reveal Ginger, dressed Phineas and ferb candace sex comics business attire with a short skirt and the Phineas and ferb candace sex comics high heels. Baljeet turned to Ferb. She is merely quick-tempered; I will find a way to mollify her.

Baljeet went to the office door Vanessa veracruz open ass opened it a crack. The camera shifted to the office portion of the set. I am certain he did not mean to be late. Then she looked up at Baljeet. She got up and walked around to the front of her desk, then sat on the edge and pulled up her short skirt. She was wearing no panties. It was obvious that he had never performed oral sex on a Phineas and ferb candace sex comics before.

Baljeet tentatively stepped up to the desk. Then he took a tentative lick. She fell back on the desk and ripped open her blouse, revealing her little dark-brown nipples, which she began rubbing and pinching to increase her pleasure. Baljeet began vigorously tongue-fucking the girl, who threw her head back in ecstasy.

Phineas and Isabella gasped as Ginger narrowly avoided cracking her skull on the edge of the desk. Buford approached from the Craft Services table. Isabella just rolled her eyes. Her face was red and her chest was heaving. It was clear that she was having trouble remembering her next line.

Fortunately, Ferb was prepared and held up a giant cue card where Ginger could see Phineas and ferb candace sex comics. Baljeet shed his shirt and then dropped his Phineas and ferb candace sex comics and briefs simultaneously, revealing an endowment no boy his size and age had a right to have.

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