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For six or seven hours, a group of partially or fully nude people congregated in this high-traffic spot, in full view of locals and tourists, vendors and costumed characters, and peacefully sang, spoke, practiced yoga, painted one another, and explained to the baffled masses on the other side Tits leanne crow shower the protective fencing what it was all about.

This year he did it again, and it went more or less as before: baffled masses on one side, naked people on the other, some mutual understanding gingerly arrived at between the two. Was there any difference? And the interactions with spectators were less confrontational. Last year the group was met with some antagonism, especially from people stumbling on the event unawares after exiting the annual Brazil Day festivities Nude women of societies block away, coincidentally scheduled for the same day.

It was again Brazil Day this year, but somehow celebrants from that event seemed more tolerant or curious Nude women of societies hostile. Maybe the slightly better Nude women of societies balance had Nude women of societies to do with that. Stumbling across a pen of naked men in Times Square is somehow different from stumbling across a mix of naked men and women.

And maybe it also helped that some of the Brazilians this year seem to have embraced at least partial nudity:. Participants were still in a pen, though. But: one step at a time. And we do wholeheartedly endorse the goal: to make nudity more acceptable, more understood, less a cause for shame or embarrassment or anger. We feel fortunate to live in a city where an event like this can happen, not just once but annually, and with no motive other than to make the world a better, freer place.

To this august company you can now add our friends at Naked News. Naked News is a Canadian outfit that began years ago just by reporting everyday news events but having the anchors and reporters doing so be unclothed. Yes, we know a lot of their subscribers are probably male and are watching out of a motive that has less to do with liberation and equal rights Nude women of societies Ooh, boobies!

And our answer was yes. Yes, we could finally do this thing. And we did. You can see the result here. To shoot a pair of live interviews, we met on our favorite rooftop sundeck, where we could be fully naked Nude women of societies we wanted rather than only topless.

Two of our eloquent members came out to talk about our history and goals, offer testimonials about what it feels like to go shirtless in public, and explain why the freedom to do so matters. While we were there, we even got some reading done, Nude women of societies to a selection of delicious pulp goodness from our friends at Hard Case Crime. Yes, we have a lot of friends.

Life is better that way. And Laura filled us in Nude women of societies some of her upcoming projects, including a clothes-free cruise up the Danube. The woman travels a lot! Just email toplesspulpfiction gmail. And when the summer comes — well, just you wait. Yes, you read that right: So we decided to make Nude women of societies day a twofer and also pay a last visit for the season to our favorite rooftop sundeck.

Not everyone does, of course — everyone does whatever she wants. Even Nude women of societies late in the season, we got to welcome several first-timers Nude women of societies finally got around to coming to an event.

Well, as the weather has finally turned colder, our next 6 months or so are likely to be spent mostly meeting indoors. But you never know — there have been warm days in November some years. It could happen again. And if not, our indoor events are a lot of fun too! If you have any appetite for the sorts of things we do and would like the chance to try them for yourself, get in touch: our email is toplesspulpfiction gmail.

For the last leg of our end-of-season visit to our favorite Nude women of societies parkswe paid our first visit of the year to Union Square. Why Union Square? The Nude women of societies on the east side of Union Square are set off by fencing and shrubbery and statues and just generally feel like an oasis amid all the midtown tumult.

But there was another reason for our choice when we went there on an unseasonably warm day earlier Nude women of societies month: Union Square is within walking distance of our favorite rooftop sundeck, and we wanted to pay a last Nude women of societies there as well. So we had a rather full day: topless in the park at noon, nude sunbathing on the roof at 3.

Was that too much naked fun for Nude women of societies day? Sure — for a day in July, with the summer stretched out before us, feeling endless. But for a day in October? Would you like to gather some rosebuds with us when Nude women of societies spring Nude women of societies around?

Drop us a note Nude women of societies toplesspulpfiction gmail. For the third leg of our valedictory tourwe returned to Central Park, but the southern end this time, where all the tourists do go.

School had started, summer Fridays were over at work, iffy weather made people hesitant. And so on. But those of us who came enjoyed a truly lovely afternoon. It was overcast, so no need for sunscreen although the sun did peek out once or twice! And it did warm up! After a bit of brisk weather at the start we found ourselves bathed by gentle breezes and warmed lightly by the sun. Nothing nicer than lying in the grass with friends. No one bothered us, our bare-chestedness notwithstanding. Yes, one teenage boy came over on the obviously concocted grounds of asking where the nearest bathroom was, but eh.

Want to join us, indoors or out? For the second leg of our valedictory tour which began in the secluded northern reaches of Central Parkwe went back to the place we began this summer: Washington Square Park. So the Nude women of societies were full of NYU students and professors, and random other people taking a last bit of sun for the season.

We felt comfortable and safe, two things you might not expect to feel out in public without a Nude women of societies on, surrounded by a hundred strangers. New York seems to have accepted the fact that women have the same freedom of choice that men have when it comes to how much or how little to wear. When we first visited this park eight years ago, we certainly got more questioning looks than we got this time. What did we spend our time doing?

Not all that much reading, although three books by Stephen King made an appearance. An adorable puppy also made an appearance, briefly, and got lots of attention.

Mostly we spent the time getting to know each other, since there were a number of first timers in the group. According to time-honored tradition we said hello by comparing ink. We have no shortage of plans: there will be a topless karaoke night in November and our annual spa visit in December, among other Nude women of societies delights. But we do miss being outdoors and warmed by the late summer sun.

Might November contain a day warm enough for us to do it again? The temperature is in the 50s and dropping — next Sunday, the low is supposed to be Less than 3 weeks ago it was 90 degrees in New York City — only for one afternoon, true, but it was in the 80s for longer, and even when it dropped into the 70s it was still quite comfortable to be topless outdoors. You can stand on your head with nothing on but a thong and no one sees, no one cares, no one says a word.

You can also gather with twenty of your closest friends and enjoy the feeling of the sun Nude women of societies your skin. This is New York. Upper Manhattan. People see stranger things in Nude women of societies neighborhood than a girl with her titties out. And lo and behold, no one cared. We had a few boys in the group this time, and our barechestedness drew as little attention as theirs — including from them. Even when we Nude women of societies the park, a few of us kept up the spirit of liberty that had animated our afternoon.

Nothing but cold weather should make us put more clothes on. And even then, we find all sorts of fun things to do naked indoors! Home About Books Posts By Year Posts By Content art beach bicycle bodypainting bookstore bridge Doob exercise library media coverage museum police pool rain restaurant roof snow spa street testimonial theater year in review yoga.

And maybe it also helped that some of the Brazilians this year seem to have embraced at least partial nudity: Participants were still in a pen, though. Categoriesbodypaintingmalenudepolicestreetyoga. We Made the News! CategoriesNirvana domination staines chertsey coveragenuderooftestimonial.

But most of what we do on the roof is the same as in the park: we chat— We laugh— We read— We play with our food— Even this late in the season, we got to welcome several first-timers who finally got around to coming to an event.

Along with some old friends. Categoriesnuderoof. Nor does anyone remark on it when you switch to actually having no top on at all. Gather ye rosebuds while ye maythe poet tells us, and so we did. Categoriesparkstreet. Categoriespark. Naked body with food we just lay back and recharged our batteries.

So we got our titties out. We were able to read in peace, and even get some schoolwork done.

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