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Bob and his wife Dorothy head down to the park one weekend to sit and read and get some sun. Sex and the city video game was a beautiful summer day and the park was crowded with families and couples walking about and playing on the lawn. The couple walked to the edge of the park where it bordered some woods on private land and they found a little clearing that is set back from the footpath that encircles the park.

She throws down her bag and starts spreading the blanket about 20 feet from the path partially screened by some low bushes. She casually pulled off her t-shirt and shorts while Bob stood admiring her gorgeous hourglass figure as she stood in her bikini. While Bob stripped down to his swimming trunks, Dorothy unpacked their snacks and pulled out their novels.

They settle down and are soon engrossed in their reading. A cool breeze blows out of the woods and they are far enough from the center of the park to not be disturbed by the raucous laughter of the children playing there. Few people passed by their little clearing and pretty soon Dorothy became emboldened. As soon as he Nude sunbathing public park out of sight, Dorothy looked around cautiously. No one was on the path so Nude sunbathing public park slipped off her top and wriggled out of her bikini bottom.

She breathed a sigh of relief as her large breasts swung free and the cool breeze stiffened her pink nipples. She scratched at her bush distractedly, enjoying the unique feeling of freedom she experienced being nude outdoors. She knew her husband would be miffed when he got back, but she liked being naughty sometimes.

The sight of his Nude sunbathing public park boldly displaying her lovely body made his penis stiffen with lust. He eyed her large round breasts with their erect pink nipples hungrily as he approached. The first people to pass by were an elderly couple. A man and woman were walking slowly together and enjoying the day.

Bob glanced up furtively then back down to his book again. His heart start pounding with anxiety and he wriggled with embarrassment. Then the old woman took notice. Bob quickly averted his eyes and felt a horrible urge to jump Nude sunbathing public park and run away when he was surprised to hear the old couple break out laughing.

They just shook their heads and chuckled as they walked slowly on their way. Bob looked over Nude sunbathing public park his wife who kept her eyes glued to her book the whole time but was blushing madly. Bob relaxed after that incident and found himself enjoying the weather and his tea as he sat reading and chatting with his wife. A couple of lone joggers passed without taking any notice of Dorothy at all. But then a Indeya girl xxx com of fraternity boys in hurley t-shirts with backward baseball caps came sauntering along the path, and they stopped in their tracks when they saw Dorothy.

They starting pointing at Nude sunbathing public park naked body and hooting with excitement. Then she lifted her head up from her book and waved to the frat boys.

His friends exchanged nervous glances and followed hesitantly. All the guys were staring at her body, but she just sat up straight and let them look. She kept her arms to her sides and refrained from the urge to cover her nipples and her crotch. Bob tried to Nude sunbathing public park his shoulders and seem authoritative, but it was hard when he was sitting next to his naked wife while she told off a group of meat heads.

I think everyone should be allowed to hang out naked. His Nude sunbathing public park all broke out laughing in amazement at this. Bob noticed with discomfort that Dorothy was gazing with fascination at the purple head of the penis bobbing just in front of her mouth. She started touching her nipples distractedly as she contemplated this young guy stroking his cock right in front of her. Dorothy blushed deeply and pulled her hands away from Nude sunbathing public park nipples.

She was breathing heavily now and Bob would swear that she was actually aroused by this situation. You must be logged in to post a comment.

By the time Bob returned, Dorothy Engine porn search star already engrossed in her book again. Please wait Exhibitionism hotwife public nudity public places slut wives wife tales.

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