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TrucksRule 23 replies 17 threads Junior Member. July in College Life. I'm a 17 year old male going to college next year and I'm wondering what guys wear to bed in the dorms.

I usually wear a night shirt but, I'm afraid I'd be made fun of for wearing that. I'm not comfortable sleeping in underwear or naked. Would I be made fun of or would people not care? July Replies to: What do college guys wear to bed in the dorms? NotYetEngineer replies 40 threads Member. Really, you're worrying over nothing. Some people wear pajamas. Others just put on a pair of casual shorts and a shirt. Others sleep in jeans and sweaters. Some sleep in their underwear.

A small bit might sleep naked. Point being, everyone wears different sleeping apparel. Unless you're planning to walk around the dorm at nighttime naked, there's not much to worry about.

It's not going to be a big deal whatever you choose. I mean, a few might rag you for wearing a night shirt, but if that's what you're comfortable in then that's your choice. In all honesty, you would draw a lot less attention by just sleeping in underwear. No one is going to consider that odd, whereas they might consider the shirt or fully naked odd.

Again, it is completely up to you, though. Would others wear anything like that? A night shirt sounds completely normal, am I missing something? People on my floor wore dinosaur pajamas to bed for fun sometimes even like with a hood and a tail and they had plenty of friends. People in college simply don't care. It's hard to cross a line of too unusual in Teen titan pussy licking unless you really really try.

OhSorryYo replies 0 threads Junior Member. I got free shirts on my campus like every other week. Peter pan sex comics paired with basketball shorts were my sleeping clothes. This was pretty much what every guy wore. Never seen a guy wear a night shirt before. If I did see one, depending on how the guy carried himself, I would probably think he was either the lamest dude or the chillest dude in Naked men in college dorms hall.

During finals, I've had friends study and sleep in the library in pokemon onesies, because it was hilarious. I'm surprised at how common this question is. A gown-like night shirt may be a bit unusual for a male, but just wear what you like, really. SafeFromScience replies 2 threads Junior Member.

Image fap mature sex party is precious. Mandalorian replies 14 threads Senior Member.

It would only be acceptable to wear that if you also got Naked men in college dorms matching hat with a little ball on the end and carried a candle on a chamberstick when you went to the bathroom. I've never heard of guys wearing night shirts. For me personally, pajama shorts or sweatpants and an old t-shirt is the way to go. Many guys just wear boxers to bed. As others have said, though, it doesn't really matter what you wear, as long as you're not walking around naked.

I don't think it matters too terribly much. Sleep in something that you're comfortable sleeping in. Spaceship replies Naked men in college dorms threads Member. August I commuted the first two years of college and now have an apartment, so I can't answer for college, but when I was at Job Corps I slept in my underwear, and this was extremely common.

Naked men in college dorms know because we weren't allowed to have doors, and roommate changes were common, so most of the dorm saw each other in their sleep clothes such as they were plenty of times. It seemed like most people slept in just their boxers unless it was snowing and the heater was broken.

That said, nobody ever really commented on people's sleeping clothes at all. I can't see why a university student in a small dorm would have any teasing for wearing a nightshirt.

February Well, I'm Naked men in college dorms the age of 16, and I think that whatever you decide to Naked men in college dorms, is your chose. I personally just wear a shirt and boxers, that's all, just come up with something simple. February edited February I might steer clear of the night shirt, at least at the start.

My son wears pajama pants plaid or solid and a t-shirt most times -- if it gets hot then he'll wear boxers and a t-shirt. March Tank Naked men in college dorms is lighter and better than a nightshirt imo. Wien2NC replies 19 threads Senior Member. Odd that in this age of tolerance, so many people have Naked men in college dorms problem with a nightshirt.

It's not like you are wearing a monocle and spats, and carrying your books in a bindle. True, your roommates might worry that by wearing the Naked men in college dorms, you are inviting a visit from the Ghost of Christmases Past, but that's their problem.

If you do, do it with confidence. If you're going to feel insecure about it, they will smell that. So, just get some regular pajamas with pants and a shirt. Recent Activity 6 months until graduation. Feeling like a failure.

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