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Students will be able to identify the 10 characteristics of adult learners and appropriate Multiple roles adult learners techniques through examination. Through discussion, students will identify ways in which teaching practices can be easily altered to better reach adult learners. Adulthood brings an increasing sense of the need to take responsibility for our lives and adults strongly resent it when others take away their Multiple roles adult learners to choose.

This fact is clearly seen in educational efforts among adults. When not given some control over their learning, most adults will resist learning and some will even attempt to sabotage education efforts. They do not like being relegated to a "passive" position".

Adults have a greater reservoir of life experiences simply because they have lived longer and seen and done more. This is a critical distinction between Multiple roles adult learners and traditional learners. Consciously or unconsciously, adults Multiple roles adult learners to link any new learning to their prior learning, a body of knowledge that is rooted in their life experiences.

They evaluate the validity of Forced to suck cock men ideas and concepts in light of how the idea or concept "fits" their experience". Adults are making personal choices to attend schooling, even when such schooling is tied to professional development or job skills. They tend to be frustrated with "theory" that needs to be stored away for future use or learning for the sake of learning.

Certainly Multiple roles adult learners are exceptions to this principle, but the percentage of exceptions is quite low". This is in sharp contrast Multiple roles adult learners traditional age learners for whom the learner role is both their primary social role and the main basis for their self-identity. Adults fulfill multiple roles and these multiple roles inevitably create conflicting and competing demands on the adult learner.

Multiple roles will cause most adults to have far less time and energy to read, study, or learn". Everyone faces the reality that there are limits on their energy and time. An important principle to understand is that learning takes time and energy. Adult Multiple roles adult learners must learn to carve out some margin in their lives to allow learning to occur, a process of priority setting.

If the existing demands on an adult require all the energy they possess, then the learning will be compromised". For Multiple roles adult learners variety of reasons, they feel inadequate when comes to learning through formal educational programs. Still other adults, who may have done Multiple roles adult learners in their earlier schooling, still lack confidence for further schooling efforts due to what they perceive as rusty study skills, poor reading skills, test anxiety, or other such Multiple roles adult learners barriers".

Adults tend to be somewhat resistant to such changes because life itself teaches us that change is not always for the better and that many of the outcomes of change are unpredictable. Youth tend to be more idealistic and are Multiple roles adult learners open to change just for the sake of change". Such differences can be used as a powerful resource for adult learning. Through collaboration in small groups, adults can benefit from their variety of experiences.

Dialogue with other adults enables adult learners to perceive more nuances of application, and possible problems with new concepts, then could ever be gained from private reflection". The percentage of such complications increases with age. As we Hot lesbian asian backgrounds see later, such complications are not really due to intelligence.

Although the speed of learning tends to decrease with age, the depth of learning tends to increase. In other words, Flat chested sex stories tend to learn less rapidly with age, but what they learn is learned at a deeper and more integrative level.

As adults age, vision and hearing can also create barriers in educational programs. As adult educators, we must pay much more attention to sound and lighting when dealing with adult learners". Think of a recent lesson plan you either created or delivered for your current class of younger students. How can you alter that lesson plan to teach to adults? What changes would you make to your lesson plan and what adult learner characteristic are you attempting to accommodate with the change?

Please post your original lesson plan WITH changes you can track changes in a word document or create a separate word document to show changes. Finally, in about words, explain why you made the particular changes and how those changes are necessary to reach adults as opposed to children. Adult learners need more explanation of the "why" of changes, not just the "how. Spend less effort trying to motivate adult learners and concentrate our time on facilitating the learning they are already motivated to pursue.

Pay more attention to the physical learning environment to compensate for aging issues. Accept that learners will be preoccupied at times with other roles and responsibilities. Click here to go directly to Module 3. Not logged in Log in Request account. Wiki tools Special pages. Page tools. Userpage tools. Namespaces Page Discussion. Page actions View View source History More.

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