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Atlas Grant is one of our favorite bears. Marco Napoli is ready for his run, but Atlas Grant is adamant about what he just read on the internet. It says sex is better cardio than running. Marco agrees. Settle in for a juicy, mouthwatering session because these two are big-time into oral! Marco buries his bearded face into that delectable, hairy ass, worthy of a good spanking. But we digress. Well, maybe just the occasional love pat on those luscious globes.

Marco gives Atlas a good spit-lubing, aims, and slides home. Kinky, sweaty, and full of passion, the two change it up, with Atlas riding Marco before getting into a hot We thought you might.

Fingering his hole while milking his cock, Atlas gets Marco ready for his uncut tool. He mounts the man-whore, and they rut like pigs before ending up on the floor. Marco spews his seed and fucks it into Atlas. Which makes Atlas blow a ropy load of his own. But stay tuned! These two furry, bearded creatures throw themselves into fucking bareback with wild abandon and trust us when we say that they will have you wanting to unload on their face, or on their ass, or cumming inside their holes!

Enjoying his morning cup of joe out on the patio, Dax Librastic is horny. He begins to grope himself, and while doing so, newfound love interest, Taylor St Moore soon appears. With a come hither look, Taylor leans over the railing, showing off the curve of his meaty ass. Pussy whipped, he follows Taylor inside, and the two immediately start making out.

But this is no ordinary make out session. This is some passionate smooching! The kind that takes your breath away.

It sure did ours! Dax bosses Taylor around, spanking his ass, rimming his hole, then fucking him bareback. Tall, hung, and hairy. Well, damn. Is Hairy bear men naked anything better? Parker Logan and Drake Michaels meet up for some raw fun on a lazy, Sunday afternoon. Parker then proceeds to stretch Drake open, fucking his hole with two fingers, using only spit for lube. But Drake wants more. Hairy bear men naked needs cock.

He slides that big, long, fat tool inside Drake and goes to town, barebacks fucking the little whore balls deep. How do we love thee, John Thomas? Let us count the ways! It could also be his furry chest, or the way he sticks his tongue out Hairy bear men naked you inviting Hairy bear men naked to come and play with him.

To tweak his nipples. His tool is deliciously fat and wickedly juicy and surprisingly uncut—which is unusual for a white dude. This real-life couple sizzles before the camera and watching these two sex whores only makes you wonder… what is their home life like? Are they always fucking? If so, we want to watch! How about installing some cameras with a private feed, boys? After losing a relay race in the pool to Lion Reed and John Thomas, real-life couple Dean Gauge and Luis Vega disappear into the house to lick their wounds.

They suck, like the hungry bears that they are. They may have lost the race Kissing interrecial armature fuck porn sometimes, coming in second is best. Okay, okay. So maybe we like Joel Someone more than we thought. Can you blame us? And you just might find yourself like Alex Hawk. On your knees, with a throbbing hot shaft of man meat buried down your throat. What starts off as a sweet and loving scene between Joel Someone and Alex Hawk, quickly devolves into lustful nastiness filled with tender moments.

From the moment scruffy Joel Hairy bear men naked that big cock, the two waste little time on sucking cock or rimming, though there is some. Instead, they get down to the nitty-gritty.

The act itself. Big dick in a tight, hairy hole. You can practically smell the sweat as these two go at it. Another model we enjoy watching on Bear Films is Dax Librastic. Take me. Do with me what you will. But you know how it is. Once you hit the water, you have to splash around and have a bit of fun! The bearded group decides to have a relay race to see which couple is fastest. Lion and John Hairy bear men naked, then head to the living room to dry off.

Lion, no longer able to wait for that most prized of morsels — pink fuckhole — primes John with a good rim job, spit-lubing and getting him ready for a bareback fuck that gets them wet, yet again, and ready for some much-needed release! Hairy bear men naked to content Atlas Grant is one of our favorite bears. Page 1 Code geass hentai villetta 2 Hairy bear men naked Page Next page.

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