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  1. Where did theyr find such a pretty indian girls. desi sluts i met before are ugly as fuck!

  2. When ever you re ready for mf or ffm, i m willing and able!

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So if a girl is giving you head, I assume you should say when ur about to cum? Same with hand jobs. Should you let her know? If the girl doesn't want you to come inside her, then where? Share Facebook. Where to cum? Add Opinion. OK let's see. First off, places Girl to cum on her cum. When you are getting head, she will either swallow it, you come on Eva notty pool side breasts, her face, her neck, her hair, or in a tissue or trashcan are the most common.

A hand job, in her hand, could Girl to cum on her on your stomach depending on how your penis angles and where she is, tissue, trashcan, or all over every which way. Sex, can Girl to cum on her on a towel on the bed, on her thighs, on her stomach, or any place else your mind might think up. If it's in doggies style, it's usually on her back. Ok now, you need to figure out what kind of woman you are with. If she has some experience she knows what to expect so she probably already has some idea of what is going to happen and where she is Girl to cum on her with you cumming.

So you won't have to stress too much with that girl cause Girl to cum on her will either tell you flat out or she might take the led and just move in a position she is comfortable with you cumming. If the girl has absolutely no experience, she may not even know that you are going to come at the end!

She may have no idea what to expect. Personally I think the best way to deal with the "where do you cum" question is to ask beforehand. If you don't feel comfortable saying something Girl to cum on her "where do you want me to cum? She'll either tell you or ask "What in the world does that mean? That's what I would say for a blowjob. It's kind of a courtesy thing to ask the woman cause it's like holding a water gun in her face.

Girl to cum on her has to trust you with the trigger. With things like a hand job or sex, you may not have to ask.

Do what you feel comfortable with. Like if you want to grab a tissue or towel and come in that for a hand job. Or you can always do the same with sex. But, again, if Pinay celebrity hot sexy pic want to come on her stomach in sex, it's best to say something like "Is it cool if I come on your stomach? Some women find being cummed on demeaning and that's why it's so important to ask before cause that's obviously the last thing you mean to get across.

Continued from below: Whether she'll take care of it: it's gentlemanly to take care of it yourself. Most women will probably wipe it off themselves but I think most women think it's a nice gesture when the guy takes care of it. About cumming early in a condom, most guys will probably tell you to make something up to save face. Unfortunately women are pretty observant. We usually know, even if we pretend not to. So from a woman's perspective, the best way to handle that one is switch to giving her pleasure with your fingers or mouth.

It says A LOT about a guy when he wants to get you off too after he came. And it says even more about a guy when he doesn't. Again, stick with confidence. Just tease her with something like "Damn! You are too Girl to cum on her The embarrassing situation arises when people don't know how to handle it. If you switch quickly into another gear, that embarrassment can be avoided. Regarding coming inside her, if she's OK with it, no worries. If you Girl squat pee outdoors coming early inside her, again, switch to fingering or oral.

Also, figure out where YOU want to cum. Girl to cum on her you don't want to come on her then don't force yourself cause you think you have to.

If that sounds nice to you, then you can always ask to come on her breasts or stomach or whatever beforehand. And if you are just so stressed, I would say come into something like a tissue to avoid any embarrassment until you start to feeling more comfortable with the whole process. So, yes def say when ur about to Girl to cum on her. As far as handjobs go, umm I'd say yes also just in case, since I've gotten it on my shirt more than once and that is a pain!!!

Otherwise I would Girl to cum on her u can just give a warning as long as she can hear u like I don't need it to be that far in advance as long as I have time to react. I mean usually the guy will warn me and then just Girl to cum on her going, so if it gets all over my hand then I'll take care of that. If it's during sex and u cum inside me, then I'll take care of it then too.

And if Girl to cum on her somewhere other than inside me, then I'll def tell the guy ahead of time and he can just go when he's ready :o. Girl to cum on her it's my dirty mind, but your profile pic reminds me of a butthole u. LOL noooo! Hahaha that's terrible!! Also let her know that she has done a great job. Then tell her where you are going to. You want her to swallow say so, on her boobs, say so.

And if she doesn't Girl to cum on her your idea, she WILL let you know where you can put it. I think most people male and female feel pretty good about themselves when the person they are pleasuring is enjoying it and letting them know. Talk dirty when you are about to bust, if she doesn't like it; don't sweat it just learn from it. Every girl is different. Oh and never come inside a girl unless 1: She is on the pill and 2: you trust her a lot because accidents happen.

Just don't come inside some girl you are just hooking up with. Let me know if you got any other questions about this topic. If she is giving you head tell her when you are about to cum. She can keep sucking or finish with her hand. If is giving a hand job just let it blow.

Yes if you cum quick with a condom go at it again. If no condom and you cum in her. When you are hard again cum in her a 2nd time.

If no condom and she dose not want you Girl to cum on her cum in here pull out and cum on her. Sign Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Girls, how often do you masturbate? Guys, What Lingerie looks best? Guys, American boys, do you like dirty talk in Spanish, even if you don't entirely understand her? Have u ever noticed it?

Sort Girls First Guys First. You should "best answer" that. Also, I really like it when my guy gives me a warning when I'm giving him head. I appreciate the heads up. Not sure about all the rest, but when you are getting ready to deposit a creamy load in her mouth, its only proper to announce your arrival, that is unless she doesn't want to know, just wants a surprise. Don0ne Xper 4.

Bust in her mouth, fuck letting that bitch know. RiderGirl Xper 5. Anywhere he likes. Xper 3. Related myTakes. Good personality and a good character are two different things. Once a player Not always a player? A quick and simple guide on how not to be the "nice guy". Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more.

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