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And there are bars that almost effortlessly make a place for themselves in island history, that live on in the collective memory forever, their characteristics Full moon saloon daytona boobs exaggerated with the years. The Full Moon Saloon was a bar of the latter sort. Photo by Richard Watherwax. The Full Moon opened its doors to the rowdy, raucous Key West of the late s, and it could never have succeeded without owners Full moon saloon daytona boobs Latham and Sid Snelgrove.

Big men with lived-in faces, they dispensed drinks and careless hospitality while carefully asking no questions of their patrons. He introduced me to the place half a lifetime ago, when I Full moon saloon daytona boobs a shy year-old naive in the ways of the world. A larger-than-life character who had then been on the island for more than a decade, he not only imbibed and socialized at the bar, but also used its convenient pay phone for low-voiced conversations about questionable enterprises.

Seeking adventure, he had tried almost every hazardous occupation known to man — from mercenary soldier to gentleman smuggler to New York City advertising executive. The last, it must be said, gave him the largest twinges of conscience. He and his cohorts drank at the Moon, argued about philosophy at the Moon, held uproarious birthday parties at the Moon and even, on occasion, dozed off at the big horseshoe-shaped bar.

Years later, when Phil died in Sausalito, donations from the Moon paid for his cremation and brought his ashes home. Nevertheless, when the 70s scammers evolved into the slightly bewildered survivors of the 90s, the Moon was still the place they went for a generous drink, a well-cooked meal, and a chance to ponder the legacy of their lives.

Yet in July ofthe Moon abruptly closed its doors. Sadly, Vic went to Chicago. Sid went to Costa Rica and other faraway locales. The long-time customers scattered. Others blamed the inexorable march of progress, or the zealous federales who had put much of its regular clientele behind bars of Full moon saloon daytona boobs different sort. All outward traces of the bar are gone. The essence of the Full Moon Saloon, like the essence of Public amsterdam sex pic era that spawned it, remains alive in Free filipina porn video of us who were lucky enough to be part of it.

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