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Meet others worried about developing breast cancer for the first time. Comparing notes, symptoms, or characteristics is not helpful here, as only medical professionals can accurately evaluate and assess your individual situation. Posted on: Oct 25, AM. I had a diagnostic mammo and an ultrasound yesterday.

They found several simple cysts and two complex cysts. The doctor that came in told me to come back in six months for another ultrasound. Does this sound right to anyone? Six months? Last year I had an ultrasound because of nipple discharge and everything came back okay. They did find several cysts that once a doctor looked at were deemed 'okay". But now that they actually found something, I think having to wait six months is pretty long. Shouldn't they at least be doing a needle biopsy?

I have to wait until Monday to talk to a doctor, but I started doing some research last night when I got home. I am pretty sure they did not compare last year's ultrasound to this years, so I don't know if there were any changes. Wouldn't that be protocol? What makes me the most nervous is the fact that my gyne initially told me it was all probably nothing, but that if they see something on the mammo, they will probably want to do an ultrasound. But if the technician goes to call me or another doctor" then there is something to worry about.

So after the mammo, when they wanted to do the ultrasound right away, it was a little worrying, but Complex cysts in the breast when the tech went to get a doctor, I got more than a little concerned. I know this is normal, but again, I can't imagine having to wait six months. From everything I am reading, it sounds like they do FNA right away for complex cysts or the longest they make a woman wait is two months.

I'd like to hear the answer on this one also. I have two solid cysts that they are wanting to biopsy, but I also have a complex cyst that they are recommending follow up in 6 months.

Should I try to convince them to do the complex cyst biopsy at the same time? Oct 26, PM Beesie wrote:. Cysts are very common and almost always harmless. Simple cysts are round with smooth edges; complex cysts may include some debris. If none of the 'concerning' characteristics are present, there is no reason to take Hot sports women nude action with a cyst.

Having said that, I've had lots of cysts over the years and my doctor always preferred to aspirate them right away. It takes a couple of minutes and it's Complex cysts in the breast, and then the cyst and the lump is gone. As long as the fluid pulled from the cyst isn't bloody, it's not even necessary to send the fluid in for analysis.

And, if by chance the needle is inserted and it hits something hard, then the doctor knows that you have something other than a cyst and then Complex cysts in the breast tests and a more traditional biopsy core needle or excisional might be Complex cysts in the breast. Amy, what sort of biopsy are you having for your other lumps?

A fibroadenoma would be the best example - I've had a couple of those too. Oct 27, AM kel wrote:. Thanks so much Beesie for the info! I greatly appreciate it. I don't think I can wait six months knowing I have a hard lump that I can feel. I should add that I have a rather rare autoimmune disease 1 in, so even when I Complex cysts in the breast a low percentage rate on something, I am still concerned.

I found another study that was done more recently:. Breast cysts Complex cysts in the breast the most common cause of benign breast masses. Simple breast cysts do not need further evaluation, but complex breast cysts require additional assessment due to the potential presence of malignancy. However these complex cysts have rarely been examined and quantified according the associated cancer detection rate. Our study is the first investigation that evaluates the malignancy rate of complex breast cysts identified by histo-pathological results.

Material and Methods: Imaging findings of complex cysts were correlated retrospectively with clinical and pathologic outcomes. Results: complex breast cysts were found in women.

Two or more criteria combined were associated with a Menopause status, family history or personal history of breast cancer did not influence Complex cysts in the breast detection rate of neoplasm.

Conclusion: Based on our results we raise the issue for the need of surgical intervention, compared to observation by ultrasound of complex breast cysts to prevent a missed or delayed diagnosis of breast cancer. Oct 27, AM Beesie wrote:. Interesting information. Do you have Complex cysts in the breast link to that article? I'd Complex cysts in the breast interested in reading it and I haven't come across it in my research.

One of 0. In one follow-up study, cytologic examination found atypical cells in 1, of 6, cyst fluid aspirates. No cancers were identified. In one study 1. A review was conducted of women who presented with breast lumps that proved to be cysts Of the four patients with malignancy, only one had an intracystic carcinoma, two had necrotic grade 3 ductal carcinomas, and one had a malignant phyllode tumor. Oct 27, AM TheQu33n wrote:. Oct 27, PM Beesie wrote:.

I was hoping that I could find the full article to read more but it seems to only be available if you have a subscription, which I don't have. I was wondering why this particular study found such a high rate of malignancy compared to all the other studies. To me, that's an important distinction and the results make more sense.

While I understand the 6-month follow-up approach for standard cysts but personally would always prefer an aspiration anywayI would certainly hope that no radiologist or doctor would suggest a "wait and see" approach for a cystic mass that includes a solid component. Oct 27, PM TheQu33n wrote:. Beesie, I had assumed that a complex cyst was the same a cyst with a solid component. I guess I'm off to google and discover the difference.

I have one of these bad boys on an ovary and we're playing the every 6 wk US to see if it changes game. I've not cared to deal with it as the bc journey was sucking up enough energy. I guess it's time to start paying it some attention.

Thank you -k. Complex cysts are anything else. The edges might not be completely smooth or the shape might not be a perfect circle or oval or there may be some debris inside which is not the same as having a solid component.

Unfortunately I can't find that article right now. But if you look at the study that I linked in my previous post, they detailed 6 different types of cysts.

Simple cysts were type I; I'm guessing all the rest would be called complex cysts. Of course, that's breast cysts only. I really don't know if the definitions are the same for ovarian cysts.

Be careful with following up in 6 months. I had a lump back in October that they said was Complex cysts in the breast a benign cyst and that I should just follow up in 6 months They took another set of films before they drained it in May and again say that it was a wait and watch type situation, nothing to worry about.

I insisted on having it drained anyway, due to the location and it bothering me. When they went to drain it, they found that it was not a benign fluid filled cyst after all, but rather a Complex cysts in the breast cm malignant tumor. On the other hand though, back in October they found 3 complex cysts on the OTHER breast not the one with the tumor that they wanted to aspirate, and they all turned out to be benign fluid filled cysts So if you are worried about, have them drain Complex cysts in the breast. The fine needle biopsies dont hurt at all if they use a local anesthetic.

Jul 13, PM bygrace17 wrote:. I have TONS of cysts and have both simple Complex cysts in the breast complex. I've had multiple aspirations and a few biopsies. There's no way to have every single one of my cysts aspirated there are that many. The large ones 6cm and 5cm have been drained and have refilled multiple times even right on the table under sono guidance. It was filling as fast as it was being drained.

That bothers me a little. KEL: please find a breast specialist and make an appointment. You should be treated as though you are the only patient in the practice when it comes to your questions and concerns.

I agree with Amy and the best phrase I've heard around here is: the only place for a lump is in the jar. I am seen by my surgeon every 3 months. In fact, I go back the 30th again. You're so good at helping to explain things to people.

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