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Raimondo and Cali Logan have taken prisoner Cadence Always wear pantyhose when get a ransom from her family. Raimondo carries the begging girl OTS in the basement of their house. He lowers the prisoner on bed and both captors then zip tie her wrists and ankles to the bedframe in a spreadeagle position.

Cali applies a ball gag on the imploring Cadence, who has now no chance to get out from her prison. Cali being bored by the sight of the struggling girl, leaves her alone as well.

With minutes she starts feeling the urge to bee and the struggle becomes a fight not to pee herself in the bed: that would Cali logan zip tied too humiliating. Finally Cali comes back and Cadence Cali logan zip tied through the gag to tell her that she needs to visit bathroom immediately. Cali while not too benevolent with her, decides to let her go to pee, but not before having taken some precautions. Then she makes her prisoner walk upstairs. Humiliated but in absolute need to empty Cali logan zip tied bladder, Cadence pees in the toilet.

Next Cali takes her in the living room. Thinking that Cadence is now secure Cali goes to the back to the bedroom to listen music, but she made the mistake of not cleaning the room of any possible object that her captive could use to free herself and, specifically, she left a pair of scissors on a little table near the armchairs.

After some minutes Cadence notices it and starts rolling on floor until she reaches the table. With some efforts she manages to make the scissors fall on floor. She finally grabs them and cut the zip ties. Cadence finds some rope and trusses up her former captor part of the tying is shown on screen.

Cali wakes up just to be gagged with a piece of cloth stuffed in her mouth and more cotton strip around her head. More rope is looped around her chest.

With a last piece of rope Cadence hogties Cali. She may need a lot of time, maybe even a hour before slipping out of bonds and the police warned by Cadence may come to her house in a matter of minutes.

Dialogue in English. Cali logan zip tied Now. Detective Cali is on the tracks of Cadence the burglar who is just returning to her house after a successful robbery. Cali notices Cadence entering in the Cali logan zip tied and leaving the door open. Not suspecting anything of strange Cali enters in the garage, hoping to surprise the burglar. But she has made few steps in the next room when a net falls on her and after few seconds shes knocked out with Cali logan zip tied club.

In the next scene the captured detective is tied on bed hands and feet and a rope connects Cali logan zip tied in a hogtie. Cadence stuffs a cloth in her mouth and tape gags her. She tells her to be quiet because she has to receive a visitor. Adult sex brazzers videos struggles on bed until she can at least remove the hogtie.

She hops around trying to find something which whom she may rope. Not finding anything, she tries to reach another room, but her movements are noticed by the burglar and his visitor, a receiver with whom shes having a drink to celebrate the successful robbery. Cali is Cali logan zip tied in the dining room and re-tied securely to a chair. Cadence while busy with Cali doesnt notice Cali logan zip tied the receiver has put a powder in her drink.

Shes just finished emptying the glass when she starts feeling dizzy and in Cali logan zip tied of seconds she falls on ground deprived of her senses. The receiver brings another chair in the living room and starts tying Cadence to it.

When she finally awakes shes already inescapably tied. She screams in protest but is immediately tape gagged. She didnt foresee that the receiver would have double Cali logan zip tied her and now she has to share the predicament with Cali.

The two girls are left moaning on the chairs while the receiver leaves with the booty. She thinks she is safe in a remote house where the boss cannot find her, and Hannah is there to guard and reassure her. While they are talking, however, Hannah receives a message by phone. It seems her colleague Cadence has been captured and held hostage in exchange for Cali.

She zip ties and gags a reluctant Cali who, fuming with indignation at this betrayal, is driven to the rendezvous point. The boss orders Hannah to throw him her purse, guessing that Hannah might have some protection stashed inside. Hannah reluctantly complies and is immediately tape gagged. Now they are all in trouble. But the worst surprise for Hannah is yet yet come — she watches in surpsise as the crime boss unties Cadence.

It quickly becomes evident that Cadence and the boss have joined forces, and that taking her hostage was nothing more than a trick to ger Hannah to deliver Cali to them.

Now Cadence is happy to reveal her true colors as she makes Cali reveal where she has hidden the stolen money. After the boss leaves to recover his cash, Cali and Hannah are left at the mercy of Cadence; not content with having betrayed them both, Cadence now takes pleasure of tormenting them. She duct tapes the two girls to a pole, then wraps still more tape around them both before she begins groping them.

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