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You're my Aunty Julie, and I have had a crush on you for a long time. I can remember watching you as a young teenage girl, when I spied you in the bathroom one day, watching you in your panties and bra in the bathroom. You didn't see me I think, but I was hiding in the bathroom closet from my younger sister, staring out through the louvres.

I saw you looking at yourself in the mirror, admiring your curves that I had liked so much. Watching you admiring yourself turned me on so much! I also noticed that you had damp panties, like you had recently accidentally wet yourself a little. I didn't know why, but I found the idea very arousing, and as my breath came is shuddering whispers my hand found it's way slowly under the waistband of my track-pants and was soon was rubbing my smooth tingling pussy through my panties while watching you.

You too, started Aunty s pussys panty feel yourself through your panties and your bra, much like I was doing to myself. I was in heaven, and kept watching you as you got more turned on and worked up.

The sudden sound of my sister yelling and running past the door as she looked for me seemed to snap you out of it, and you quickly stopped, took off your panties and put them in the hamper, then dressed and left the room. I was disappointed as I was still feeling worked up and didn't want to stop this wonderful tingling between my legs, didn't want you to go away. I wanted to watch your body react to your knowing hands, wanted to feel this naughty special feeling from watching something I knew I shouldn't, but ohhhhh so enjoyed the sight of!

After I was sure you had gone, I reluctantly swung the louvres aside and stepped into Aunty s pussys panty bathroom proper. Your perfume and scent were in the air, my young senses keyed to your being in a way I could never hope to achieve now. My head pulsed and my stomach clenched while my pussy just zinged as I scented your sex. Pheromones was not a word I knew back then, but my body was so much more knowledgeable!

Heady with need, my befuddled brain poked an idea through the cloying mists of need. I made my way to the hamper and retrieved the panties you had discarded. Ohhh, the scent was magnificent! The power it had over me was scary. Looking Younest nude girls tiny young like a thief in the night, I exited the bathroom and took the panties to my room, locking the door.

Here I could look at my prize Aunty s pussys panty by the feeling of imminent discovery by an adult or, worse, my sister. Here, time seemed to slow, almost to stop. Here I could discover many Aunty s pussys panty for myself. WE could discover many things on our own, the panties whispered to me. Feel how we slide smoothly up your legs, feel how snugly and damply we cling to your mound and hold your aching yearning pussy! Mindlessly, automatically, driven by need, I did as they bade.

My legs shivered and goose-pimpled as they slid past my knees. My stomach flip-flopped and my pussy jolted me with a thousand volts of hunger as I drew the panties snug, feeling the dampness on my pouting lips, feeling my own dampness drawn into the soft cotton to mingle with that already there. Oh joy! What an amazing feeling to slowly run my hands down then over my mound, exciting in the way my fingers curved under to cup my mons, middle finger instinctively beginning to stroke back to my clit.

Ohhhhh, heaven! Time began to flow again, gaining strength and speed like the electrical surge within me. Fingers flying, I masturbated myself to a huge Chinese hot sexy fucking videos., the best I had ever had!

We were friends now, and I didn't want to lose them, oh no! So I kept them. I kept them, and I always wondered if you knew what happened to them Well, that was years ago. They helped my fascination with panties grow, and I used them as pleasure items many many times. I still have them to this day. I also go around to your place when I can, as I enjoy your company. But I really enjoy watching you walk around me, carefree and unknowing of my quiet adoration. Seeing you in your short nightie with glimpses of silky panties underneath makes me tingle almost to the point of cumming, nipples straining so much I am sure you will notice them and say something.

And the thought of what you do in them keeps me going Aunty s pussys panty months after a sighting like that, imagining how you would pleasure yourself, or perhaps wet yourself So this is my fantasy One day when I know you have to be in town, I make my way to your place.

You have told me I can come around any time I feel like. Today, I really feel like going to your house for some secret naughty fun. My kind of fun. Panty fun. I open the door and go straight to your bedroom, where I know I will find your underwear in a drawer beside the bed. After looking through them, and selecting the ones I like, soft sexy satin panties with lovely lace side panels and cute trim, I strip from my clothes and pull them on, eyes closed as I feel all those old feelings come back to me, like the first time.

Dressed just in your panties and already wet Aunty s pussys panty lust, I lay down on your bed. Running my hands over my body, Aunty s pussys panty begin teasing my nipples and rubbing my pussy through your panties. After a few minutes, I am in heaven. I have learnt to be slow, to be ruthless in curbing my desire for release.

Now I thrill in the build up, the plateau, the long, long balance at the very very edge of orgasm Suddenly you walk through the door! Through my fog of desire and dawning horror, I am dimly aware that you are dressed only in a pair of medium coloured panties Aunty s pussys panty a bra. Unknown to me, you have been on the phone engaged in a sexy phone-call at the far end of the house, and as you have finished you are now in a hurry to get to the bedroom to have a Aunty s pussys panty play.

Startled is not the word. Whatever you are feeling, you see me lying on your bed in a pair of panties, YOUR panties, legs a-kimber and hand between Aunty s pussys panty, a mirror-image expression on my face. I can only watch you as you continue to talk.

You are telling me how badly I scared you, how you thought I was a burglar, a dog, a you-don't-know-what! How your heart is racing, and how you would have changed into some clothes if you knew I was here, and how I, how I Oh, my!

Fright and fear turns quickly into heat. Heat in your loins and tummy. The response to instinctual danger, the need to reproduce, the need to cum. Within seconds, you are hit by a wave of lust, of primal heat.

I begin to break down, shame and fright bubbling out of me with my tears. You look at me for a few seconds, seeing how bad I feel, then walk over to the bed and sit down at the end a few feet away from me. Gently, you place a warm hand on my thigh and tell me you had wished I had told you about coming over today, as you liked my visits.

I shudder with my face in my hands, mortified and too shamed to look up, breath hitching. You are so entranced by my innocent vulnerability, my shame. You want to take it all away from me, make me feel better. By placing the ideal that there is nothing to be ashamed of!

Slowly, patting and calmly stroking my leg, you start to tell me how in fact you too like to masturbate in your panties as well. How it's not at all dirty, or something I should be embarrassed over. You say how you too used to be turned on by other peoples panties, and how you Aunty s pussys panty "borrowed" friends and family's panties to play in. I mean, you did? Sure," you say as you softly caress my leg, "catching you wearing my panties is quite erotic.

A huge shock, I admit, but a huge turn-on too! I have masturbated many times in those very panties, the last time I believe was last night. I put them in the drawer again, so it is Aunty s pussys panty you should choose those. Pheromones again, undoubtedly. Instruct me to jerk off stop caressing my leg and start to caress your thighs.

A small part of me feels sad and disappointed that you are no longer touching me. Aunty s pussys panty continue to talk about your experiences as you caress your shapely legs, slowly edging up to you panties with each stroke. Before long, you are touching yourself, smoothly running your hands in intricate motions across the shiny satin, dimpled with the Aunty s pussys panty of your pubic hair but nevertheless outlining your pussy. I can tell by its shape that it is beautiful.

I am mesmerized by your hands, charmed into absolute physical stillness, whilst inside my hormones are raging, spreading their powerful fire throughout my core.

My pussy aches, and my clit tingles with the high tension. I watch you masturbate yourself, allowing me to see how you like to feel your panties. After five minutes of watching you breath heavily, legs scissoring slowly as you excite yourself, you reach over and lay your hands on my leg again. Gently you caress my thigh, the motion going higher and higher with each stroke. I am like a small, warm furry animal Aunty s pussys panty in the headlight glare of your sexual power. Softly, your fingers begin to brush the panty material covering my mound, damp from my previous ministrations.

My pussy reacts, flaming its lips out in wanton desire, my orgasm builds with frightening speed.

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