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Some would have you believe that making a film requires a investors or b a trust fund. My video production skills are the result of one digital production class, many hours of independent study, and several production internships where I Amateur film production video paid to Amateur film production video learn and practice my craft, or at least got free bagels.

Also, never doubt the savings of Ebay, Amazon and craigslist when it come to getting deals. Trading up to better equipment is pretty commonplace, and all that used equipment needs to be sold somewhere. For accessories like SD cards, online-only retailers such as Newegg. The T3i is capable of shooting video at p, and p up to 60 frames per second, giving you a variety of options in a small package. Purchasing this camera is essentially a commitment that you plan on doing more than filming holiday movies.

Overall the 60D is more reliable due to its bigger sensor, more accurate battery information, electronic leveling and better overheating performance. If you need your camera to absolutely work when you want it to, or if someone is paying you to make sure you absolutely get the job done, this would be the better choice. What makes a DSLR camera great is the flexibility provided by its interchangeable lenses. There will come a day when you purchase a new camera body, but good glass can stay with you forever.

The Sigma 30mm is a good starter lens. Its 30mm focal length is also great for a variety of situations in the right hands. Though opinions vary from user to user I find this lens to be sharper than comparable lenses manufactured by Canon. The best advice I could give when it comes to lenses is to do your research to find what works best for you. One thing to watch out for in particular is the difference between cameras with a full frame sensor or an APS-C Crop Sensor.

When it comes to professional projects, sound is often more important than video. Learning how to properly use your microphones is something you can learn from the guides below. Rode is a trusted brand that makes affordable audio recording equipment without skimping on reliability and build quality. Shaky handheld video is one of the largest dividers of professional and homemade video. Literally any tripod would be better than freely holding the camera.

Pearstone tripods, from my own experience, are cheap workhorses that tend to hold up to being thrown about carelessly despite their budget price. One 16GB card is good for Wife is black cock slut to 2 Amateur film production video of footage. Only word of advice here is to make sure any card Amateur film production video purchase is class Usually there will be some indication Amateur film production video the packaging, or the card itself.

Reliability is key. Rogers and Bill Nye the Science Guy. This site could be your go-to for years to Amateur film production video. Vimeo Video School The Vimeo community is definitely on the better half of the sewer we call the internet.

The Vimeo staff produces informative yet hilarious tutorials on everything from good audio recording practices to lighting, but this is a drop in a bucket compared to videos plucked from users by the staff, and organized into categories.

Practically anything you could ever want to know about small scale video production can be found here Amateur film production video with a flood of info you never knew you wanted to know. If you have any suggestions on what to add or change speak up in the comments.

Follow Aulistar: Aulistar. The Canon 1. Also, the 30mm Sigma may not be flexible enough in most circumstances — the Canon mm EF Amateur film production video. For better audio than Amateur film production video available on the Canon cameras, the Zoom H4N is a good, reasonably low-cost alternative that will work perfectly with the recommended microphone.

And, be sure to visit cinema5d. Also trying to do things as cheap as possible, so while a shoulder rig is great would probably go with a glidecam myself, looking into purchasing one can be a roadblock to someone with limited funds.

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