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Just want to know what you guys like doing in your diapers For me it's mostly just wetting, I like to wet and stay in it for as long as possible, my record for that was 9 hours in a secure x plus, I used a tena guard inside.

Between the thickness of the securex and the guard it was great, it expanded way beyond not being noticeable. Wetting and wanking! But mostly for the fluffy, secure feeling I get from being diapered. Originally posted months ago. Rarely mess unless it's an accident or someone else is there to clean me up. I love to wet Adult diaper poopy wearing wet poop my diapers I like to wet my diapers and and masturbate in them.

I haven't had a chance to poop in them yet. I use my diapers for their intended purpose and like to run around in them 99 months ago permalink. I wear diapers for punishment after I have wet or mess my panties. I pee in mine right before bed and then go to sleep in a wet diaper nightly.

I also wear them sometimes during the day, but I always just wet them. I also masturbate while wearing them at night, so I go to bed in a wet and sticky diaper. Ok Ill answer for him. He gets a foley catheter put in Hippo ebony rides cock a supply of diapers when I go out of town for work. I Adult diaper poopy wearing wet the end with nail polish so the only way to get it open is to cut it.

Me on the other hand. I get all I want. I use them like you are suppose to I pee and poo in them. I do like to cum in them sometimes but I love to sit in my poop and pee it feels so great 92 months ago permalink. I use them to pee and poop in. I also love to squirt my cum in them. It feels good and is nice and goeey feeling. Everything, of course! Otherwise, why wear diapers?

I wear them just for the humiliation. Either under short, baggy shorts or sticking out above my pants. Anybody that looks can tell I'm wearing diapers!! I hear alot of giggles behind me and see a lot of pointing.

I love it!! Originally posted 89 months ago. I do both in my diapers, but mostly I love wetting them. Wetting is something that can be a secret even as your doing it, you could be standing next to someone, talking to them and they won't even know what you are doing. I don't wear them often but when I do, I use them for what they are intended I wet and poo in them! I especially Adult diaper poopy wearing wet filling them with poo then I sit in my mess and masturbate. I wear a cloth diaper and fill in the front with huggies type.

I like dressing up and stripping before a mirror to my diapers in a fantasy of being taken by some dude for their pleasurethen I undiaper and sodomize myself with whatever I can find while looking at how the light shines on the safety pin of my diaper. Pee poop and cum 83 months ago permalink. Wet and masturbate in them. I love the feeling of letting go and pissing in them first.

Then the feeling of my balls completely relaxed as they are bathed in the warm piss. Then I get Adult diaper poopy wearing wet, masturbate in them and all is one hot, sticky mess. Baby Daniel wears his diaper when he is naughty, Adult diaper poopy wearing wet because he enjoys it. He pee-pee's in it all the time because he isn't big enough to use a big boy potty. Sometimes when he is naughty, he gets no feel goods from Mommy and is only allowed to make his sticky's in his diaper.

If he is allowed to make sticky at all. All the way! I am sitting here in a very soggy diaper this morning. When I go potty in my girl underwear, I am put back into diapers and treated like the baby I really am. Once I am in diapers, I make wee-wees and stinkie poopies in them.

Sometimes I make my cummies in them too. It so excites me to be diapered and babied. I just love being a sissy baby girl! Hi I am a male from sweden and except for medical help I use my diapers for masturbation and fun pee sports.

Mostly for Adult diaper poopy wearing wet pee stains on my "male" pants. But after a series of enemas or after Mommy loads Adult diaper poopy wearing wet bottom with suppositories, it is to hold in uncontrollable leakies or poopies.

I like to pee in mine. Not pooped in them yet cant seem to get that to happen unless full of emenma. I have no control over wetting and very little over doing jobbies. I generally end up using my diaper for both 29 months ago permalink. I love to wear my pullups. I could not imagine not wearing Sexy girl feet selfie or pullups everyday all day long.

I also have a Diaper Fetish. I dirty my diaper when my wife isn't around so that the odor doesn't bother Adult diaper poopy wearing wet. I love wearing Always Discreet max boutique pink. I wear them to bed and when I'm not wearing thongs, I wear Always Discreet, always the max protection and the boutique pink. Everything 17 months ago permalink.

Because if I do not, I will wetinm ybed and have amess to clean up every morning!!! Same here 17 months ago permalink. I use mine when i have and wear them to wet and then get off in. I would love to find someone to diaper me and make me their sissy so if you close to northeast missouri message me. Sign up for a free account, or sign in if you're already a member. Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go home.

Sign Up Explore. Upload Sign In. Go back to the beta groups experience. Male sissies are welcome too! See more. Photos Discussions Members Map About. Any ABLD in anchorage? Anyone in anchorage or close by into ABDL? Brand of Diapers 15 replies. What brand of diapers do you use? How often do you use them? What all do you d Double or triple diaper or nappy wearing 3 replies.

I might well be stating the obvious, but when wearing more than one disposable, Diaper me in Seattle! Hi gay slave looking for his older chubby master. Wear some one wet diapers 9 replies. What do you use your diaper for?

I do like to cum in them sometimes but I love to sit in my poop and pee it feels so great 92 months ago permalink Sheila - Kansas Girl says: I use them to pee and poop in.

Dondi9 says: I do both in my diapers, but mostly I love wetting them. I generally end Adult diaper poopy wearing wet using my diaper for both 29 months ago permalink gray thrill [deleted] says: I love to Adult diaper poopy wearing wet my pullups.

NikkiDL says: Wetting and wanking!

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